Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2014

On Halloween, I couldn't help but
reminisce about one of my favorite memories.
The time when I thought I was opening
my door to trick-or-treaters
and found these two SUPER HEROES!:)
Macy was a junior and Travis was a senior.
I have absolutely loved and cherished
being their aunt since the day they were born. 
I also had to reminisce about
Troy and me going as Brad & Angelina
when I was pregnant with Hudson;)
Our memories with the Hoodies
are PRiCeLeSS........
Seriously PRiCeLeSS!!!!!!!!!!
And of course throwin' back our kids
to our old Halloween costumes
still makes me GiGGLe!!!!!!!
Halloween this year happened to be on a
Friday and on a game day!
Halloween Night 2014
Ages 4, 8, 12
Walker wasn't sure yet if he was
going to dress up that night or not:(
Daddy dressed up as a hunter.
And then kept his costume going
all weekend long;)
He's CRaZY like that and THIS;)
I have a Happy Halloween Heart.
This year since Troy was literally
heading out for his deer lease that night
so he could be there for opening morning...
we decided to leave our VERY busy
neighborhood and go to our friends' house.  
We had to trick or treat our
neighbors first though. 
The Conners tricked and treated us
before they left town.  
Saying bye to my hot hunter :(
Then the kiddos and I headed to our
friends' house...The Cromies:)
We've known them through baseball but
have really come to know them through football!
Love good, new friendships:)
I was glad Huds finally wore
the costume we actually bought for
Halloween.  I guess when you are
Spider-Man everyday pretty much,
you don't want to be him for Halloween;)
The Guys....
They all decided to be football players (duh!)
OR scary guys.  Guess that's the way sixth
grade boys roll...........and they play football constantly.
Nerd Alert;)
Cutie pies!
It was definitely the nerdiest,
scariest group around town;)
We insisted on the boys showing us their faces!!!
The big boys took off on their own
and didn't last very long trick or treating.
The Nerds & Hudson had fun though:)
Apparently third grade girls and a four
year old boy are ALL about trick or treating:)
After they had trick or treated enough,
the girls AND Huds went in to play and the boys
continued to play football in the yard. 
I joined the parents by the fire
(I was FReeZiNG :( that night) when
I looked out in the yard to see Hudson
right smack dab in the middle of
the big boys playing football!
We all cracked up. 
He was tackling and scoring with the
best of them.  They love him
and he loves them.
I enjoyed some mama time.............
I'm thankful for the friendships
I've made through Walker and his friends.
After all was said and done,
a few of us decided on a very late
night dinner at Chili's. 
Our three little nerds were
still going strong.......
While Hudson passed out in Haley's lap
and the boys sat at another table
trying to stay awake and looking like
they were straight off the street in their hoods;)
It was a scary, fun night:)
Happy Halloween 2014!!!

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