Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Baby Daddy's Birthday!

I think the cake pretty
 much says it all
Sweet girl just had to show him
the cake before we left for
church on his birthday,
Sunday, October 19th:)
After church, we had lunch
at Fuddruckers...just the five of us.
My entire family would have LOVED
to join us like we normally do
for birthdays, but T-dawg likes
to keep it simple and on the down low;)
Of course we had a great time!
 Birthday KiSS for my smokin'
hot older man!  Happy 46!
 My parents were disappointed they didn't
get to celebrate with their "son",
so we went over there that afternoon.
 Seriously, he's the son they never had.
He does so much for them and
he ADORES my parents!  :)
 That evening we celebrated at home!!!!!!
 Troy thought it was so funny
that I had dated his card 2046
rather than 2014!  ha! 
 Each kiddo made their daddy a card:)
 Hadlee sure does love her daddy.
It's so sweet how much they love
each other.  She's so lucky and
always will be to have him.
I love how she wrote,
"You are my favorite daddy!"
 Then there was Walker's card to him.
WOW.  This one truly speaks
for itself.  I couldn't help but
tear up.  I had NO idea Walker had
written this to his dad. 
 We love Daddy!!!!!!!!!!
 New office pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Time to SiNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hope his wishes come true!!!!!!!!!
He is such a good man.  
 I just couldn't help going back to the
card that Walker made for his Daddy.
I think it speaks VoLuMeS and I am
so thankful that Troy is my Baby Daddy!
Happy Birthday,
We love you more than words could say:)

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