Wednesday, November 5, 2014

School Stuff

Pajama Day for Ms. Penson's 
class since they won the Box Top Contest:)
Limo ride/pizza lunch for Walker 
since he sold 15 A+ cards!!!
Picture Day for this Sweetheart! 
Everyday could be picture
day for this precious little girl! 
 She had told me she wanted an 
"aztec cardigan" and picked this one out.
Plus she had me order her 
this darling head band bow.
I love her sense of style!  :)
 What I do at my school...
Because I am, according to my students,
#swagmama!  ;)
This reminded me of my Hunter B...
he used to always write something
similar on my board!
 This made me laugh so I shared
it with my students the other day.
It's sooooo true!!!!!!!!!
I also told them how I went about
a year wondering what in the world
":)" and ";)" meant!!!  ha!

Sometimes this precious little student
comes to see me!  He is writing his
name so well!!!!!!!!!!!
He loves the lockers! 
Someday this really will be him:(
So for now, I'll go on as many Sonic/
Three Spoons dates with this little cutie as I can! 

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snekcip said...

Hey Mindy!! Love your updates!!
Hadlee's looks precious in her jacket and bow!!Congrats to Walker on winning TOP SALES....and yes...Hudson will be in school before you know it!!!