Friday, November 14, 2014

Church Fall Festival

My little NeRD ready to go
to our church's Fall Festival
the night before Halloween!
She was too cute for words!!!
Love her little personality!
She played the part well!
Although I kept telling her that there
is NoTHiNG wrong with being a nerd!
I could just eat her up!
She pretty much planned her entire outfit...
And she was THE most adorable NeRD
She is filled with JOY and SPUNK.
Although an Aggie football player
was NOT in the plans for Halloween,
this is what Big Huds insisted on going as!
We met up with his best buddy, Hank!
Rivals at their best;)
Our Fall Festival is AMAZING.
Jumpers, games, stations, pizza, candy, etc.
In true Huds fashion,
he only wanted to play the football games!
AHHHH!  We ran into an adorable
Baylor cheerleader...Gisele from his
Sunday School class:)
She's probably thinking, "WAIT,
my daddy told me NOT to like Aggies!"
Jared and Walker volunteered
at the festival for Panther Pride.
They had so much fun and were
too cute working in the Pre-School area!
Hadlee & Hayden from her class!
Look who else was volunteering:)
#5 loved this game!
This little girl!!!!!!!!!!!
She's got JOY deep, deep down in her heart. 
Haddie with Cliff Kinsbury,
Tech's Coach;)
Actually, it's Wade, who is also in 3rd grade!
Having a blast!!!!!!!!!
I walked around that night just feeling
so proud and grateful for my church.
Such an amazing place with SUCH
incredible people doing God's work.
Ministering to the community
AND to our own on a wonderful night
like this.  Over 3,000 people came.
So thankful.
My cup over flows.  
I don't often get to pull a fast
one on Walker!  He's usually tricking ME!;)
My favorite gang:)
Happy First Woodway
Fall Festival!!!!!!!

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