Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hudson is Traded (Again)

Huds continued playing for the Aggies
for a couple of weeks.  He has a game
just about every single day ~
full pads and all. 
Ready for the run out - PuMPeD UP!
He keeps asking for a 'smoke machine'
for his run outs just like he sees
at the Midway games!!!!!!!  ha!
He loves to pose like this
for "team pictures"!  ;)
I still can't believe I have a blond,
blue eyed little boy.  He's
the little angel that God knew I needed. 
His imagination is out of this world
and I can't get enough of it/him!!!
He loves to play in "games"!
I just happened to catch this one
with him and his daddy....
So serious about it all!
But then just like that,
he told us he was TRADED again.
This time to the Midway Panthers!
Ready to catch a pass!!!
#5 is Tough!
Still playing quarterback AND kicker.
And of course, a team picture
for Midway!  :)
Pierce #5, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look Out World!!!!!!!!!!
I think with all the play off talk
for Midway, he thought maybe
they could use him! 
I totally agree:)
I hope I never forget a second of
his imagination.  It is just precious
and priceless and so fun!!!!!

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