Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dad's 75th Birthday!

We were so excited to try and surprise
my Dad on his 75th Birthday!!!
I think we did:)
We served La Fiesta fajitas
and all the fixings:)
Hook 'Em vs. Sic 'Em
PaPa is very loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As handsome and distinguished
as ever at age 75!!!!!!!!!!
I love my dad so much!!!
And boy does he love meeeeeeeeee(:
He loves ALL of his girls so much!
Macy had to facetime him since
she couldn't be there/lives out of town.
Blue morph photo bomber!!!  ;)
Singing to PaPa!!!
Grandmother's famous chocolate cake...
she had to make it for Logan
and Mical especially!  :)
Good times!  Just wish that Hunter and Macy
could have been there that night
AND that Hadlee wasn't sick:(
 This man loves his girls!!!
The hardest man in the WORLD to buy for.
He has never wanted anything!!!
Brother/Sister LOVE! 
My Guys...
Sweet girl spent the whole night
in my bedroom in bed:(
with fever (strep throat!!!)
She hated missing her PaPa's party,
but she felt horrible.
  PaPa hated missing her:( 
When we started planning the party,
I sent this hilarious picture to my 
sisters and told them I was going to post it
on Facebook.  Lynna didn't like it of
herself sooooooooooooooo....
I did this to it before I posted it!!!  HA!
I felt so very thankful to be celebrating
my dad and that it was such a good time.
Bless his heart, he has been struggling
lately with memory and some other issues.
My dad is a good, good man.
He's a sweet, funny, crazy dad
who loves his girls (and now his boys, too)
so, so much.

We couldn't love W.H.Gibson more!
Praying his 75th year brings him many blessings(:

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