Saturday, November 22, 2014

SNL at the Pierces ;)

Just a relaxing Saturday evening at the Pierces;)
With LOTS of LiVE Entertainment!!!
And fun games:)
And CRAZY BoYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The girls singing "Frozen"
songs to the boys...
"Do you want to build a snowman?"
It was a LOUD night!!!!!!!!
But soooo fun!  I love this gang
of brothers/sisters/friends! :)
Pizza, wings, and Cooper wearing
Hadlee's slippers (;
A game of "Would You Rather" for the guys...
Turned TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't WAIT to eavesdrop on their
truth or dares;) ... only to find
the dares were to take off your shirt in the
cold and lay on the street for one whole
minute;))) and the truth to Walker
was, "Who do you like?"
to which he responded, "Mrs. Gross" ~
his hot math teacher!!!!!!!!!
Oh, if they could always stay
this innocent............
Silly kiddos!!!!!!!!!!
A fun, silly, crazy, LOUD night...
and I wouldn't have my house any other way!!!

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