Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hudson's Football Team

"Soccer season" finished up and
"football season" has begun!
"Coach Mike"'s brother, "Coach Chase",
is Hudson's new coach. 
Jake, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
are all on this team, too.
I can't even make this stuff up;)
His imagination is so BiG!
I love it!!!!!!!!!!
He started out on the Cowboys,
and that meant we had to drive to
Dallas to Cowboy Stadium;)
Look who drove us!!!!

She stopped at Sonic to get us drinks;)
Hudson is the kicker AND the
quarterback for the Cowboys. 
Pretty impressive, I know:)
Oops.  False start;)
New Kick Off!!!!!!!!!!
Got it this time!  Awesome KiCK!!!
We are tough, too(;
I never knew the "hike" was so touchy,
feely.  I thought my husband was
just being silly!!!
Then the real players showed me
how it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this football player SO much.  
So serious about this!
Big Brother helps a lot!  
He especially loves to wear
Walker's pads! This only happens
on special treats(: 
He loves to tackle!!!
Hadlee is the BeST Cheerleader!!!
Half Time;)
The whole family is a team sometimes;)
Hudson asks me just about
everyday if he can play
tackle football when he's Bubba's
age.  I think he could play now!  ha!
We love our favorite Cowboy
football player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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