Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Deck the Halls

Field Trip Day!!!
 Three sweet girls on their way to 
sing at Deck the Halls,
the Junior League's Christmas Show (:
Mrs. Penson's Third Grade Class...
 Ready to take the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here comes my precious girl!
Such a happy girl.
I love her so much:)
 Third Grade!!!

Jersi & Hadlee...
Cannon, too!  All smiles :)
Cball and Miss Priss
Couldn't be any cuter!!!
I could just eat her and her big
white bow headband UP!!!
Singing sweet Christmas songs!
Ms. Flowers is awesome! 

Crazy kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rohon is a MeSS!!!!!!!!!!!
My fave girlies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cutie Pie Hayden & Hadlee
Then my stinker of girl 
remembered she doesn't like boys!  ;)
And off she went :(
Grandmother admiring Hadlee's 
new boots and outfit ;)
And trying to steal a quick hug!!!
Amanda was trying to get a pic 
of Cannon and Hadlee...
for their rehearsal dinner video;)
But ROHON!!!!!!!!!!!  ha!

Way to go, Ms. Penson's Class!  (:
Grandmother and I enjoyed 
hearing our girl sing so, so much!
(And shopping at Deck the Halls!)
This little girl.  She's just the BEST!

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