Saturday, November 8, 2014

Little Bit of This and That

Sister helping her little brother
make a card for Daddy! 
So sweet. 
Literally one Saturday morning
I rolled over to find THiS guy
standing there already dressed
in his jeans, undershirt, and button down;)
This shot made it on to kwtX!!!
Dave & Janice are building a new house!
Selfie LoVe!
When Daddy's out of town......
...we don't like it, but we somehow
manage.  The mornings are tough!  ha!
Walker is going to KLife every Tuesday
afternoon.  The two leaders are awesome
young men from Baylor.  I am so thankful
that Walker was willing to try this
and that he loves it!!!
They play A LOT of football and ultimate
frisbee, BuT also have a lesson
and prayer time!!!!!!!!!! (:
Sometimes it's hard to get the boys
to come to the car when I get there
to pick them up.  Huds entertains
himself while we wait! (;
I love watching my kiddos walk into
school.  Hadlee is growing up so fast
and doing so well in school.
I tell her all the time how cool
it is to be smart;)
Hadlee and her class made it on the news!  
AHHHHH...relaxing at the end of the day!
We had a football scrimmage recently
and the other team showed up with
a huge cheerleading squad.  We hadn't
even planned to cheer!  These
two were CRaCKiNG us up
checking out these "other" cheerleaders!
They were NOT having it!!!  (;
Sweet Pea lost another tooth!!!!!!!!!
How sweet is she to write
the Tooth Fairy this note?!?
Lots of good things are happening
at MHS.  I love the diversity
and the different ways we are teaching
these days.  It's really cool.
My team and I had our students making
videos with their iPads all over the school...
And down our hall!!!!
Time for Flu Shots Mists!!!!!
Kids were thrilled;)
A couple of  years ago a young girl
died of a brain tumor.  She was one of
Haley's precious friends.  Her parents
arranged a drive at Build-a-Bear
on her birthday to collect bears
for the Children's Hospital. 
I explained all of this to the kids
and Walker earned credit
for his Panther Pride. 
My three really took it all in
and liked hearing about this little girl.
What a cool way for her parents
to honor her.  Several from her class had come
in right before us and made 80 bears!!!
Moving day for Mamaw:(
We are sure going to miss her
and Jimmy but thrilled for better, funner
visits with them when we head to Santa Anna!
I finally broke down and bought
Walker a morph suit and we have
laughed and laughed and laughed
some more over this crazy thing.
We texted my mother a picture of him
in it and she asked if I had painted him?!? (;

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