Saturday, November 1, 2014

Red Out/Cheer Night

Our Friday Pep Rally was so cool ~
it was a BLaCK OuT Pep Rally!!!
Lights out except for Glow Sticks!!!
When we got back to class after the Pep Rally,
my students insisted on "lights out"
while I read Hunger Games to them!!!  
Love my team!!!!!!!!!!!

That night was RED out at the game
and Hadlee got to cheer with the cheerleaders! 
My girl was cute as ever!!!  :)
These three had a blast!  
Bonded by Big Brothers;)
PROUD of you, Sister!!!!!!!!!!
Our sweet little neighbor girl grew UP!
Hudson has so much fun with
all of Walker's friends.
HUD is a STUD!
My Boys ~ RED OUT!
Seriously, my HeaRT!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker, Hudson, Walker
My other daughter:)
She tries to teach me how to be cool;)
Good times at these games!!!!!!!!!!!
Haley is also trying to teach me how
to take a group selfie;)
These two know what's up with
the SeLFieS!!!!!!!!!!
Grayson and Hudson!
Imagine this...another game when
Walker and all of his buddies sat by
us and the other parents! 
I know that won't last much longer,
but I love it!
Quite the funny gang!  ;)
Hales & Hads
Troy loves his second daughter, too!
Duck Faces and All ;)
I'm so thankful these two have each other...
Awesome RED OUT NiGHT!
With a WiN, too:)
Peace Out!!!!!!!!!! 

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