Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hudson's First Loss

The football saga continues..........
he gets dressed in full pads!
Kick Off in his game against the Eagles.
Cowboys vs. Eagles
(Again, I can't make this stuff UP!)
I was soooooooooo shocked though
when Hudson tossed the ball after
kick off to the side and fell down???
He gets up and says, "Fumble. 
The Eagles are good."
This happened over and over.
Then he told me it was the
Cowboys' first loss.
I couldn't believe it!!!!  ;(
He took the loss well and was
ready to roll the next day...
He informed me that he was traded to the
So handsome as an Aggie player:)
For his next game, we had to "drive"
to Troy.  Guess the Aggies play
where Walker plays;)
Hadlee got in trouble for
texting while she drove!!!!!!!!!!
This guy showed up to watch
his little brother's game! 
I can't express in words how much
fun this little guy is. 
He has the most pleasant personality
and an imagination that is out of
this world and he's just a riot!
CRaZY football mama!(;
CRaZY football brother!
It was a crazy game
and Huds was tackled again!  
He especially loves for Daddy to tackle him!
We love our little Aggie player!  
Such a cutie!
(He loves to carry his helmet
and pads just like Walker does!)
God bless this little boy! 

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snekcip said...

You got frame the pic of Hudson in the A & M uniform!! Toooo cute!!!