Friday, November 28, 2014

Hadlee's Fall Open House

Hadlee is loving third grade!!!!!!
Having her best friend with her
certainly helps, too!  Plus
she has such a super sweet teacher...
We love Ms. Penson(:
Sweet Girl is very diligent about
her school work.  She cares about her
grades and reads and does her homework.
I love that she wants to be a smart girl:)
All A's so far!!!
She has such great handwriting!!!
She wanted to show me every
last detail in her notebooks!  
Huds and I were shocked by
what she showed us on her iPad....
An Aggie football player?!???!!!!
Brother and Daddy would have been so
proud, but they were at football!  
Hard to believe that at next year's fall
open house, we will be visiting
both of their teachers!!!
I am treasuring these days. 

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