Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Fire, Some Football & My Faves

Old Man Winter arrived the weekend
before Thanksgiving.  I do not like
the cold weather.  AT ALL:(((
I was thankful to stay at home
as much as possible with a
 fire, some football, and my faves...
Haddie & I made LOTS of these bracelets...
all fact, we have a "shop" now! ;)
Hudson took this picture of Walker
on his iPad at the end of my bed early
one morning.  I love it...
even though he's on his devices too much;)
That would be Daddy rubbing Hadlee's
feet.  She is his PRiNCeSS!!!!!!!!!!
This guy just wants to love on mama
It's the BeST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hadlee's Thanksgiving Party at School

 Mrs. Bain created a "fire" in her classroom
for the kids and gave them each a card
with a student's name on it.
They went around the room and told
how they were thankful for the person
whose name was on their card.
It was SO sweet!!!!!!!!!
Then the students made yummy cornucopias...
with fruits, snacks, and whipped cream!  
An extra friend came with me to help that day!  ;)
Such sweet friends...
Addison, Jersi, Hadlee
We are so thankful for Mrs. Bain...
I thank my God every time I remember you.
Philippians 1:31
This little girl is the LiGHT of my life
and I'm thankful for any minute
spent with her at school, at home...anywhere!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grateful, Thankful, and All of the Above

Time is FLyING by.  I can't believe
November has basically come and gone:(
Guess I need to take Haddie's advice...
My children continue to BeG and PLeaD
for my mother to make them
pumpkin spice cakes...they LOVE them!!!
I finally decided to learn to make them myself...
not because my mother doesn't make
them because she absolutely AMAZES
me how she surprises the kids with
the cakes so often, BUT I wanted to
have something to share with
others during this season of
feeling so grateful!!!!!!
I had two VERY special helpers!!!
 I had to start off with some practice
cakes (okay, maybe more than
once if I'm being truthful).  Everytime we
 made the cakes, we pretended
we were on a cooking show!!!;)
Sweet Girl was my ultimate tester.
She thinks mine have turned out
"pretty good"...
but NOT as good as Grandmother's;(
 I am loving Walker's teachers so much
and I wanted to do something special
for them at Thanksgiving...but he has
SEVEN teachers now so it's hard!!!
My favorite part of the little gift of love
was Walker signing each card
with "Love, Walker"......
I had fun preparing these though.
(on my cooking show of course;)!!!)
Grateful, thankful and alllll of the above
doesn't even come close to explaining
how I feel about Janice and Adrienne.
They love my boy and he loves them.
It's such a wonderful feeling to drop
him off and KNOW that he is going
to be LOVED loved and LoVED some more...
even if he wears his 'piderman 'jama
shirt everyday;)
 He learns so much over there...
like how to love and be buddies!!!
Plus they take him to fun places!!!
Janice and Adrienne...
I thank my God every time I remember you.
Philippians 1:31
And look what my Huddy made at
Janice's for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
 Troy's mom had to have hip surgery:(
On the day of her surgery, I found
this in Hadlee's folder.  She had made
this AT school with nobody telling her to
on the day of the surgery. 
Sweet, sweet girl...
Mamaw is loved:)
I couldn't be more thankful
for this sweet, precious girl...
a little bit of Heaven on earth!
 Look who "broke his arm"...ha!
Obviously Jonah is with us a lot!!!;)
 Speaking of Big Jo, I love picking up
these two crazy guys from school everyday. 
They CRaCK me up with the things
they tell me about their days!!!
Thankful for all the silly boys in our life!
Busy but Blessed...
and pretending to be drinking a
 Starbucks for my friends;)
So thankful I'm always protected, too;)
I am grateful & thankful for all of the above and MORE!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!   

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 What am I going to do with this boy?
Eleven years old ~ Fifth Grade
He's almost too cool for his mama in fact!;(
So far, Walker is loving fifth grade.
He never had one single issue or complaint
at South Bosque and so I crack up
when he tells Hadlee how much better
and cooler River Valley is than her school?!?
It's funny!  I'm so glad he is loving
intermediate school though.  His teachers
are wonderful and he is learning A LOT.
I've been really impressed!!!!!!!!
He continues to really care about
his grades and, SO FAR, takes
care of his business (maybe sometimes
a little too much in that other fifth
grade mamas text questions about homework
and Walker always has finished his
AT school???  Thankfully his grades
have been good so I won't worry yet!). 
I was thrilled to have lunch with him
at school and go to the book fair with him...
Just a couple of weeks ago on the way home
from school, Jonah mentioned that his dad
had eaten lunch with him.  I was like
"Oh Walker, I need to come have lunch with you"!!!
He said, "That's okay" as in NO!;(
I was allll like SaY WHaT?!?
So, I asked Jonah if I could come eat with him
and he said, "Sure!"
Walker looked over at Jonah and said,
"When she starts dancing, you are on your own!"
Like I've EVER danced in front of him
in public (in his school cafeteria!!!!!).
FuNNY BoY!!!!!!!!!
When the book fair rolled into town,
he was sure to invite me though;)
and even con me into a poster ...
I am not a fan of posters!!!!!!
 Walker has made some awesome new friends...
And he's keeping the same awesome
friends he's had for a long time...
He's got some fifth grade 'tude from time to time,
but he's still just a sweet, good kid
with a tender heart.
The other day a sweet new mom friend called
to tell me that she had asked her son out of
all of his friends ~ new and old ~ who was
the best example? She told me that
her son without hesitation said, "WALKER"!
WOW...that story did my mommy heart
soooooooooo much good.
My prayer is that this will continue!!!!!!!!
My baby boy is growing up way too fast.
I couldn't be more proud of him
and I couldn't love him more:)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Second Grade Success

So far, second grade agrees beautifully
with my Haddie Girl!!!
Probably the most drama this year was
the day I forgot it was picture
day and sent her to school
(in my defense ~ I was terribly
sick IN BED with a staph infection).
Mrs. Flowers, her sweet music
teacher, called me from school
for my teary eyed girl to talk to me:(
All it took was me reminding her
over the phone how she looks
ADORABLE every single day
no matter what AND also
Mrs. Bain re-doing her hair
WITH a twist!!!!!!!
Each of her teachers has told me
what a great writer Hadlee is...
I love that!!!!!!!!!
She sits down at the lap top A LOT
and writes out full stories. 
I am printing and saving them!!!
 She's just growing up right before
my very eyes.  She and CannonBall
are still cute as ever and even let
Amanda and I continue to force them together;)
My mother bought her a pair of
Miss Me jeans!  I had to snap this pic
to send to Aunt Lynna...
they call each other "sexy, sassy sistahs!"
Fall Open House at South Bosque
with my favorite little Turkey!!!
We've had some AMAZING teachers
along the way...and Mrs. Bain (whom Walker had, too)
 just might be the BEST. 
She's incredible ~
her passion for teaching AND the
way she loves the children... 
just blows me AWAY!!!!!!!
This is priceless!  My favorite line
on this Hadlee for President is
"I will make wise choices because
I will pay bills correctly"
(especially in light of the current
situation in our government!)
It was just these two turkeys that night
because Walker and Troy were at
basketball try-outs!
How sweet is this that came home
in Hadlee's folder...
I love how she came back to change
#1 to God and Jesus.  I also love
how Haley Moore made the list.
So sweet!
Speaking of Haley, Hadlee has
been begging for a furry North Face jacket
like Haley's.  Well, Daddy ordered her one:)
Seriously SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy went to the required fall teacher
conference with Mrs. Bain
and apparently it was a 'BRaG on Hadlee'
fest!;)  Mrs. Bain told Troy that she's advanced
in pretty much all areas and probably needs
to be tested for GT (I'm not a huge fan...but
we'll see).  We are just so proud of her.
She takes GREAT pride in her work
and wants to make 100's on everything.
She says she wants to be a teacher like
mommy someday:)))
Here she is helping me to grade papers...
I told Troy to be sure and ask Mrs. Bain
how Hadlee is socially. 
I think her exact words were
"SoCiaL BuTTerFLY!!!!!!
ha!  I love this little girl
and her sweet personality and how
she loves her friends and wants to
invite them over all the time!
This is her new friend, Addison:)
Addie & Haddie
Mrs. Gingerich subbed for Mrs. Bain
the other day and sent me this at
the end of the day that a precious little boy
named Tate had turned in...
Tate, I'm also thankful for Hadlee!!!:)