Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Little Turkey ;)

I cannot imagine life without
this little turkey!
He is pure J-O-Y..........
we get the surprised or
'I'm so busted' look quite often these days;)
But more often than anything we get this
BEAUTIFUL smile!!!!!!!!
He is just a delight, a pure delight:)
I cannot EVEN believe he will
be TWO in January. 
He is a brother...these two are something else!
I love how they interact with each other.
They are truly brothers through
and through already!
He is Happy Jack...
always grinning when riding in the car:)
That blond hair and those blue eyes...
I never imagined I would have a child
to look like this one.  We often wonder
where exactly he came from?!?  ;)
I'm just so glad he's here & he's my baby.
Sister and he are something to behold...
sweet as everything with each
other MOST of the time;)
She just loves to hold his hand:)
"Janitor Hudson" has a bright future;)
He about jumped out of the cart when
I took him down the vacuum isle
at Wal-Mart.  He could hardly
contain himself.  Forget toys! ;o)
He showed me exactly which one he wants!!!
We might as well get him a real one...
he uses his toy one all over the house.
At least this way he will be
doing mommy a favor as he plays;)
Not only is he still obsessed with Windex,
Pledge, Carpet Cleaners, and anything
of the sort...BUT also most things
in my bathroom!  It's not easy
to have such beautiful blond locks;) 
Hudson wants to do EVERYTHING
on his own...he really, really wants
his independence.  Take for instance,
the other night when he INSISTED
on putting on his own pajamas! ;)
He just might have a thing for this
little girl at Old Navy?!?
He even wanted to take her clothes off! ;)
Any moment he can sneak away,
he rushes to our master bathroom and
pulls out a drawer to stand on and
reach up to grab any form of
make-up he can find!!! 
Just a little mascara and blush
never hurt anyone, Did it Daddy?!?
He is funny as all get out!!!
You just can't help but laugh at all of
his crazy antics.  All four of us
get the biggest kick out of watching
him and seeing what he will be up to next!
 He's not crazy about his baby bed...
 ...unless you put him in it to play:)
This was just yesterday...at least
he is consistent with his
mascara application;)))
 He still doesn't talk very much,
 but you pretty much always
know EXACTLY what he means. 
He most certainly understands everything.
He says all the norms...mama, daddy, Bubba,
bye bye, ball, owww, hot, "Haaaadeeee",
even Mamaw, Lynna and kinda "Taaavis".
But the most precious is the way he
says "Uh Oh" and gives the cutest
little look you'll ever see. 
In every attempt to keep him my
baby and to hold on to his LOVE of
milk, I've let him stay on the bottle.
Even fibbed to our doctor when he asked
at his one year check-up if he was
still taking a bottle!!!  ;(
Come on...he's my baby and he loves him
some milk!  The other day at the store,
I told him to pick out a sippy cup.
He and Haddie picked this one,
we came home and filled it with
his milk and he since hasn't thought
twice about his bottle! :)
Maybe potty training will go
something like that!!!  ;)
I could eat this doll baby up..................
But the BEST, sweetest part of this
angel baby are his hugs and kisses.
He is SO lovable! 
He couldn't curl up closer or tighter
to mommy if he tried.
He loves for me to scratch his back...
will even lift up his shirt
and then scratch with his hand
on the bed until I start on him;)
He also gives daddy and sister
"massssssages" as Haddie says. 
He is so quick to say "sorry" the
only way he knows how
by a big hug to whomever
he has hit or abused;) ha!

But as of late, the way he
grabs my face to give me
the longest, sweetest baby boy
kisses HAVE to be the best
part of being Hudson Jack's
mommy right now! 
You are a dream come true!
God knew we needed you,
my precious baby boy:)

Monday, November 28, 2011

What a Ride ...

Walker has never wanted to participate in
any of his school fundraisers;  therefore,
we have always just done the minimum
required.  UNTIL now...
until the reward for selling 15 items
was a ride in a HUMMER LIMO
to CiCi's Pizza;)))
Walker was ALLLLL about selling
some cookie dough this time;)
Better yet, about mom and dad selling some!!! 
I'm glad we did though...
he had a BALL on his limo ride with his buddies.
Cade telling a joke to the guys;)
Braden, Kyle, Cade, Walker
Guess who got to chaperone?!? :)))
I love these boys...
how cute that they all wanted in a picture with
 me?  Bet it won't always be like that! ;(

The girls rode in one limo and boys in the other:)
They had a blast.......
...but I hope Walker doesn't want to
 sell 15 items again next year;)))
Playing with Sam over at
Mamaw and PaPa Jimmy's...
The kids love Mamaw's dog:)
Talk about a RIDE.......
PaPa Jimmy's lawn mower is FUN:)
Baking a treat for Daddy..
sopapilla cheesecake! :)
While Hudsy washes dishes;)
Unfortunately sweet girl got the stomach
virus a few days before Thanksgiving :(
We always have to send Daddy a sympathy
text while we are at the doctor!
Unfortunately at this visit, Haddie kept
throwing up...even with our doctor who
had to hold her hair back.  Sad thing:(
There is nothing more pathetic than this
little punkin' pie when she is sick.
Her eyes droop and she just breaks your heart :(
Her tiny little body just can't
take too much sickness.  :(
Thankfully she perks up though...
especially to play a game! 
And then soon enough she was
even ready to do a little shopping again, too,
which is ALWAYS an adventure with my trio! ;)
Thankful, Thankful, Thankful
I love catching a moment like this ~ just my boy
 sitting on the couch............reading.
Just today he jumped in the car after
school to tell me that he had taken
three AR tests today...all 100's!
All three chapter books he finished
reading over the Thanksgiving break.
The kid loves to read:)))
Speaking of my boy,
nine years old and growing WAAAAYYYYY
too fast.  He makes me laugh so hard
every single day with his silly moves,
funny sayings, and his spunk for all things.
He is so easy and so independent. 
I love him like crazy.
Travis continues to amaze me with his
memory of French.  And to think, I
thought I was just letting him slide through
that class;)!  He really was learning.
To see a post like this pop up on my
Facebook sure does my heart some
kind of WONDERFUL:)))
God bless his heart though...this
was the day his counselor at CNS
told him that he would be moving
to San Antonio.  Hurt my heart. :(
Although AMAZING to see him
standing against the wall
(on an incline as part of therapy
for ten minutes a day).
I absolutely L-O-V-E
watching this little girl dance...

Bye Bye Baseball...
Hello Basketball!
It's back to the Woodway Family Center
because Walker's birthday fell too
early for him to be back on the
SWARM team with his buddies.
  That made him (and us) sad...
but he didn't hesitate to say he'd
still like to play at the Family Center.
Do we have another basketball girl
in the family?!?  Not sure.
She refuses to let me sign her up for a sport!  ha!
This one would gladly play if
anybody would let him;)))
"Sign me up, Mama!!!"
Someday, Buddy!
The two H's just go with the flow
to everything that is Walker.
To finish off our November,
we made a trip to Uncle James
and Aunt Cindy's house...
Their house is SO fun...
and everything tastes better
at Aunt Poo's!  Best cook ever:)
Haddie Girl loves it there! :)
So nice getting to see Grandma Pierce:)
And play a little football
with daddy and the cousins...
And color with cousin Jolie...
And play Ninjago with Dawson & Jaden...
And laugh A LOT...especially when Jolie
puts her high heels on Troy's
feet while he is snoozing!;)
And get to spend some time with
PaPa and Nanny in from New Mexico:)

"There is not in the world a kind of life
more sweet and delightful than that
of a continual conversation with God."
Brother Lawrence

I really do try to have a continual
conversation with God in prayer all day long.
But you know when you pray your
heart out so much that it almost hurts?
It's like, "Come on God"...give
me a sign that You are hearing me.
Well, that's what happened this morning
when I received this text from Travis...

 When asked how much time he spent in prayer,
George Muller's reply was,
"Hours every day.
But I live in the spirit of prayer.
I pray as I walk and when
I lie down and when I arise.
And the answers are always coming." 
Source Unknown