Thursday, February 26, 2015

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party at our House!!!
I love anything with a theme;)
This was Troy when Katy Perry
came out at half time!  ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson provided the best
half time show though!!!
This is when the super bowl
party got serious!!!  ;)
Everyone loves #5! 
And we love the Moores!
Crazy end to this Super Bowl!
The Men
The Ladies (and CoMPaNY!)
I love these ladies!
And I love my extra girl!
Haley and the pictures
she gets of all of us!!!!!!!!!;)
The Guys
Our Super Bowl STuD!!!!!!!  ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hodge Podge

We are HUGE 'Fixer Upper' fans
and finally made it to their shop!!!
Hadlee and I love to watch
the show together AND to decorate!
I just know if I met Chip and
Joanna, we would be best friends;)
Even Troy and Hudson watch
this show with Hadlee and me!
Walker's new Bible!!!
So proud of this boy.  He makes
sure that he has it for KLife
and for church!!!!!!!!!!
He is so diligent about memorizing
the verse of the week and he 
makes it his screensaver on his phone!
Big Huds also got to get a new Bible!
He was so proud of it!!!!!!!!!
Our fave after school spot:)
We especially like to go while 
Walker is at KLife.  
Some days I just can't believe how
big this boy is.  I just stop and try
to treasure the moment with him.
I can't imagine him not going to 
Mrs. Janice's next year:(
He is a dream come true.
Punkin' Pie not feeling good.
Her eyes always give it away:(
I love my big chalkboard!!!
Hadlee loves for Kyndal to babysit.
Kyn is such a precious joy to us!!!
Teaching little brother math;)
He's actually pretty good...
and she's the best teacher!
Hudson made me this at Mrs. Janice's:)
Cutie pie after gymnastics!!!
This is quite the crew for car pool
after school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker is pointing at me/fussing at me because
 I was late...this boy is JUST like his daddy! 
Walker and Cade had accidentally 
dressed just alike on a Klife day!
Big Jo with the bomb;)
Guess where we were?!?
My cute date:)
It's so fun seeing ourselves
on the big screen!
Fun times with such sweet friends:)
Rohon came out of nowhere!!! ;)
More football of course!!!
And a visit from Mamaw and PaPa Jimmy!
YAY!!!  We miss them:(
Somebody reads A LOT!!!!!!
I am AMAZED at how much she
can and will read!  Like four chapter
books in one week!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson watches the 20 minute
Midway highlight video over and over
and over and over again!!!!!!!!!
Sporty Spice!!!
She is doing so awesome
at gymnastics!!!
She is ROCKING her back hand
spring and I'm so proud of her!!!
THIS guy ROCKED his baseball 
tryouts.  LIKE BIG TIME!!!
Almost hit two of his four hits
over the fence AT TRYOUTS!
Seriously...they did a one hop and 
both hit the fence.  
He was the talk of tryouts!!!!!!!!!!
Arm Candy;)
Golf cart ride for the Pierce Party:)
I can't get over my tween!
His phone, how big he is, 
how cool he is;)
Just another game.............
Hadlee went with Jersi
for the half day off and this crew
came to our house;)
Obviously they enjoyed 
the afternoon off;)