Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Days ~ Part 8

A Goodwill find that this CRaZy
Non-Crafty mom plans to use!!!  ;)
Kids weren't as thrilled as me...
especially the two guys in the third row!
Walker went to see a the TMNT movie
with a friend and as he was leaving,
Hadlee yelled,
"Bring me back some popcorn!"
I couldn't believe when Walker showed
up that night with a bag of popcorn
for his little sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Shark Boy swimming with
Mrs. Trudi down the street:)
 Speaking of sharks,
this kid is iNTeReSTeD
in sharks!!!!!!!!
 The Exotic Pet Store...
Hayden was with us that day!
 This "coatimundi" which I had never
heard of was named "Mindy"!!!  ;)
The kids thought that was
 Ella Kate & Hadlee like to make
a mess!;) But they sure do play well
together so it's so worth it!!!
Sweet girls:)
I am LOVING to watch my
stud muffin play football!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jared/Walker Selfie!
Haddie Girl Selfie:)
Sending Haley a SeLFie pic!!!!!;)
Evening golf cart ride with my
fave four!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Celebrating Sweet Kate Kate's
12th birthday a little bit early...
 ...at a PReCiouS PiNK PaRTY!!!!!
 It warms my heart that Kate
wanted to include Hadlee at her party
with all sixth grade girls
and her little cousins:)
We love our Kate Kate!
Swimming at the Conners!!!!!
Hoodies at heart always:)

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