Sunday, August 17, 2014

School Clothes Shopping!!!

It's official
I have me a shopper.
A darling, hilarious, selfie-lovin',
crazy for her likes shopping little girl. 
Don't be mistaken...
this girl is ALL about her when we
are shopping and ALL about her
likes ~ not mommy's! 
She's about as sweet as a little girl
could be...except when she's shopping;)
Poor Huds is clinging to mama
on this particular shopping adventure!!!
For this round of school clothes shopping,
Hadlee had TWO very defined interests:
fun t-shirts with cute leggings
adorable dresses:)))
There was NoTHiNG
in between her spectrum of likes!
But she can pull off either
sooooo perfectly!
As far as shoes, the more the merrier;)
Since she's a rule follower and the teachers
prefer tennis shoes...that's what this girl
wants.  All colors of Converse with a
fun pair of Nikes thrown in;)
AND of course she had to have a new
Vera Bradley lunch box...but,
Mommy said her Vera Bradley backpack
from last year was just fine:)
Walker calls it "Dear Bradley" and
 that cracks us UP!!!!!!!!!!
Speaking of Walker, he was pretty
much happy with anything I brought
home for him...shorts and t-shirts.
Notice I said that I "brought home".
In other words, he wanted nothing to
do with shopping EXCEPT when it
came to his new tennis shoes.
He got two new pairs and he
was ALL about that, but nothing else.
Yep, all about those size 11 men's shoes;)
I couldn't love my shopper
and my non-shopper more,
but I better start saving more money!!!;)

1 comment:

snekcip said...

School shopping with Bre entails HUGE POOFY CHURCH DRESSES!! I was like "ummm No M'am"!! She is also into the "cute tshirts" especially with OWLS and ANIMALS on them. I'm still able to squeeze in some cute outfits though. She is pretty easygoing with everything except the shoes. Some shoes she will JUST NOT WEAR!!! We are currently shopping for jeans and pants. Bre has some "junk in her trunk" and big legs/calves, so "skinny jeans" are not made suitable for her. She is currently in size 10's. The are too long and big in the waist but fits her fine otherwise.ALL HER SIZE 8's I bought at the end of the school year are WAY TOO SMALL!!! The leggings sets HAVE to have a long shirt to cover the "lower torso" in order for Momma to buy them. (My Rules-not hers) HA! Anywho, I had over 12pairs of pants that I gave away that were practically new!! The child is growing like a weed!!

I was floored that you said Walker was in a size 11!! OMG, he is gonna be a BIG KID!! He is only in the 6th grade right??!!!