Saturday, August 16, 2014

Special Visits

One summer day the kids and I visited
Mr. former 7th grade
English teacher who is now
my dear, dear friend.
He is the sweetest man who is
just so funny!!!  I love him to death!
I wake up to an email from him
every single morning. 
He wakes up VeRY early to one from me, too!
Mr. V is FAMOUS around Midway.
Everyone just loves this man!!!
He has a huge Indian collection
and my kids love to see things from it.
Hadlee entertained us with her
cheers during our visit and all three
loved trying on some headdresses.
We had such a nice time visiting
him and Mumsie, his 98 year old mom!

After our Mr. V visit,
I knew that my dad was home alone
while my mom was playing cards
with her Sunday School friends so
the kids decided they wanted to
"ding dong ditch" PaPa!
He was on to them though!!!
And met them around the side of the house;)
I love my dad so much.
It's hard seeing him age though:(
Two VERY, very special men
in my life that I couldn't be
more thankful for!!!

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