Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Days ~ Part 7

My mother took this picture of Hadlee
with her new iPhone ...
so it's blurry;)
BuT I love it because this is ME
and what I do a lot!!!!
Taking pictures of my children.
Pictures and the memories
they conjure up are PRiCeLeSS!!!!
Olaf at Sunday School...
 A very, very sweet choo choo train! :)
 My three sweetest blessings!!!
Sunday, August 3rd
 Missing Daddy while he was in
New Mexico.................
Happy to eat outside so mommy doesn't
have to have the goose bumps!!!!!!!!
 One afternoon we were painting and
on his own, Hudson told me he
was painting this for Travis...
complete with Superman colors
and a few T's on it:)
We are missing our Superman
so much and praying our hearts
out for him!!!!!!!!!!!
When I texted this to Trav,
he immediately asked me to put
it on his Facebook:)
 THIS is what I was painting ...
for my daughter:)
Something I truly, truly pray!!!!!!!!!
 "Daddy HOME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy to have him back home...
and he was happy to be having lunch
with his fave little guy:)
Every single day when Troy walks in
the door from work he yells,
"Daddy Home" and the kids come running
for hugs and kisses.  Now even
friends that are over often know
to take off running and give him a hug!
 The H's and I had such a special
swim date with Madelyne before she
leaves for Texas Tech.  This sweet
girl has blessed my life AND my
children's lives.  Such a genuine,
precious blessing from the Lord.
 I love the JoY she has!!!
It could only come from the Lord!
We will miss Madelyne while she
is gone...but can't WAIT to see
what all God has in store for her.
I had her four years ago when
she was a freshman...I was pregnant
with Hudson that year. 
She is truly one in a million.
Love her dearly!!!
 Sweet Selfie...
 Hfalls Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!
 Quite the gang with the cute Carr
boys and precious Jersi Girl:)
 Pure Love in the form of a shark
lovin' blond surfer boy!
The girls ran into their classmates
Ryker and Kaden...
Kaden's mom took this and texted it to me.
Troy didn't like it one bit at all;)
 Troy got Huds this Phiten necklace
& he loves it!
He calls it his "fight" necklace:)
 Sharknado 3 ;)
Chevron Girls!
 Probably our best day yet at
Hfalls!  This was a sweet group:)
 Second night in a row for Jersi
to spend the night...
and this one brought on a
FaSHioN SHoW!!!
 For the SWAG sporty look,
they put on Hudson's shorts...
size 2T and 4!!!!!!!!  ha!
 And the boys???
Interesting to say the least;)
 Matchy Matchy especially in their
HUGE new chevron bows they picked out!
 I am happy happy happy
to have a house full to feed!
For Walker's friend Bryson's birthday party,
his family invited a few families over
to surprise Bryson!  It was swimming
and an outdoor movie on a big screen.
Crazy gang!  We all had fun!!!!!!!!!!
 Friday night at Marco's just the Pierce Party
this time...and the kids chose their own table!
 Leaving me with this crazy guy;)

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