Friday, August 22, 2014

Registered for Sixth Grade

I FiNaLLY managed to photo bomb
one of THiS GuY's pictures - a selfie no less! 
 Unintentionally but still;)
Last week we registered Walker for SiXTH grade!!!
Last year on this very day I was talking about
 how I couldn't get over the tall black
 Nike socks he was wearing like all the other boys his age.
So many moms told me that soon it would be weird
to see him in "no show" socks and they were right!!!
 These days it's all about Instagramming, playing football,
wanting to be with his friends all the time
(no girls YeT but I think he's noticing them),
and according to him, being the only one
in sixth grade without a phone! ;)
 Will I get used to all of this, too?
Probably so!
Love these two sixth grade guys!!!
AND their sweet siblings!
 For sixth grade, he chose CHOIR!
I'm thrilled over it.
He also qualified for advanced math...
like father like son!
His teachers seem super sweet
and awesome!!!
I love this kind hearted,
reserved yet crazy, funny,
so much like his daddy boy with
all my heart and soul! 
 Praying that sixth grade is
an awesome year for him!

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snekcip said...

Ahhh what an exciting transition for Walker!! It is so DIFFERENT than elementary school. The changing of classes, the extracurricular activities, the CHOICE line during lunch. Wow! I remember those days like it was yesterday!! Love that he is in choir!! BELT OUT a tune for us Walker!!! :)