Monday, November 30, 2009

A Sweet Lunch Date

Before Halloween, we had a suh-weeet
lunch date with the Hoodie mamas
and the little-est Hoodies...
like these two little LOVE BIRDS!!!

We may live in cul-de-sacs that face each other, but we all get busy in the hustle and bustle of school and what it was VERY NICE to stop and just visit!

We were missing Karen though!Robin gave me pickle popsicles since I
eat two a day right now AND real, live
Dairy Queen banana split containers ~ one for
every day left in my pregnancy!!!
She better be ready to exercise with me
after I give birth to this pickle eatin',
banana split lovin' little boy!!!Little Itty Hoodies...
Haddie is a lucky little girl!
We were only missing Brady Boy! Boo hoo!
Whatever in the world are we going to do with
these Hoodie Love Birds?!?
Can't wait for the next Hoodie lunch date!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This is a hodge podge post of a few things
we've been doing lately...

First of all, playing a lot of games!!!
Makes me so happy when they play
them together (nicely anyways!).

Walker had a fun pancake breakfast the day before the Thanksgiving holiday in his class. Such a special treat because Kate Kate was there with Mrs. Gingerich!Of course he and his crazy friends were all about the breakfast in class!Walker's "Froggie Frogs" as Hadlee and I call them had to get some TLC from Walker & Daddy in the way of a new snail to clean their cage. Walker often changes their names. Currently the post-it note in front of them say their names are "Bob" and "George". Princess Pie received a little plastic orange fish at Sunday School so she had to have her own fish bowl and within five minutes her fish ("Big Orange") had to have a new bowl! She's been watching Daddy and Bubba do this for Big Blue...WOOOOOO Big Mama...I will hit 33 weeks tomorrow! This little LOVE is still so crazy in my belly! Waaaaaaaaaaaaay more active than Hadlee and Walker ever were! I love the little stinker so much it already hurts!
Saturday we had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with Troy's side of the family. Just like on Thursday, I only took a few pictures! What is my deal? I think it's my big belly slowing me down!!!

I am most disappointed because I didn't get a picture of Troy's sweet Grandma and PaPa Robinett whom we love DEARLY! As usual, they and Troy's aunts hosted the Thanksgiving meal at the church (such a BIG, FUN family!). The kids have a BALL playing in the gym and in the nursery. Lucky for us, Grandma Pierce came along, too! We are so blessed with amazing GREAT Grandparents on Troy's side of the family. I am blessed by his entire family really!
We are always sad to say good-bye to them though...of course I didn't leave empty handed from either place. A pecan pie from Grandma Pierce and banana nut cake from Grandma Robinett!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmy!
Finally I leave you with what my kids are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day since Thanksgiving...PUMPKIN SPICE CAKE! Many of you know how very, very picky my children are (have no clue where they got it from...ha ha!) so it's definitely an interesting choice for them. My mother makes this cake and it is Walker and Hadlee's FAVORITE! It is the first thing they want when they wake up, then for dessert after lunch and dinner, and sometimes to snack on throughout the day! We've been through THREE since Wednesday!!! There is ALWAYS a fight as to who gets the last piece. Troy loves it, too...but bless his heart, he never gets any because the kids get to it so fast!

"It is good to give thanks to the Lord..."

Psalm 92:1

Have a WONDERFUL week!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for Turkeys these two!!! They are the sweetest turkeys I've ever known!!!

As I often say, my cup runneth over.

I have MUCH, I mean, more than much, to be thankful for in my life! I am most thankful for my husband, my children, my entire family & Troy's, my amazing friends and neighbors, my church, my kids' teachers, my blogger friends.........
Trust me, this list could go on and on and on!!!

I am thankful for the little things in my life
like a husband who
moments ago told me to get off the
computer and come lie down on the bed
just so he could talk to the baby...
the one in my tummy.

I am thankful for the BIG things in my life.
I never dreamed I would have the
chance to be a mother to another
baby. I still can't believe it.
I am already so thankful for my two
healthy, precious children sometimes I
just don't know how to contain myself.

Most of all, I am thankful for GOD
who has made all that I am thankful
for possible. I so don't deserve
all I have been given.

Yes, my cup runneth over.
We started off our Thanksgiving morning
by making cupcakes. Walker had this
grand idea for us to make them into
turkey cupcakes.......................We had to work with what we could find in the
pantry. Troy was the judge...he gave Walker
the "Best Turkey Cupcake" award!Hadlee received the "Funniest Turkey Cupcake"!Then we headed to Grandmother and PaPa's for
a perfect day with my family!!!I cannot even believe this, but I only took
four pictures!!! WOO nellie...this is a FIRST!

We were missing Travis and Hunter like
crazy on this Thanksgiving Day.It really was a perfect day spent with my
family whom I love so dearly.
We ate my mother's DELICIOUS lunch
(it is THE BEST!), laughed,
napped (well PaPa, Hadlee and I did!),
ate some more (even my dear
mother-in-law made me TWO beautiful,
delicious pies to take to my family),
let everyone feel the baby kick,
laughed with my sisters like crazy,
loved on my niece, and watched my
nephew play with my kids all day long.
I ended the night by watching
the A&M game with my hubby
(I even got several kisses since the
Aggies had 39 points!).
Blessed, blessed, and MORE blessed!!!

"From the fullness of his grace, we have
all received one blessing after another."
John 1:16
Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mingating and Backaboo

This little girl is pure sweetness.
What would my life be like without her?
I don't even want to imagine that!
She is pretty much with me all the time...
like my little shadow!
I tell her all the time that's she's my
very best friend.
After lunch, she always wants to play
"four games"...sometimes she can
barely stay awake to finish the
"four games". Look how this game
of Go Fish ended for us...
She's not real secretive with her cards! ha!
See, I'm not telling a story...
notice the "four games" in the chair!!!
I can't believe I've waited this long to mention
"Mingating and Backaboo".
These are Hadlee's two imaginary friends.
She started talking about them
four or so months ago. Their names are
pronounced just like I spelled them?!?
Haddie talks to them quite often and they
play with her and go places with us.
Troy and I get a big kick out of
Mingating and Backaboo!!!
God knew I needed some
ORANGelicious LOVE in my life.

I am so thankful for Haddie's sweetness, her spunk, her companionship, her smile, her health and her beautiful heart.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Talk

In light of a recent turkey project
that Walker had to complete for school,
I thought it was time for some
Turkey Talk
about my favorite little turkey, Walker! Walker has always been very funny to us.
There's just something about this kid and his
quirky, fun-loving little personality that I
can't get enough of. There is so much about
him that I don't want to ever forget.This was actually a "family project".
Troy came up with making the turkey
feathers out of paper mache using the
eraser on a pencil. Troy remembered
doing that in elementary school and
Walker thought it was cool!

You can have two guesses as to who thought of the Aggie outfit for the turkey. I bet both of your guesses will be right...#1 Walker #2 Troy.

Walker is a blast and he lives life to the fullest. I love that about him! He has SO MUCH ENERGY it's not even funny!!!

Walker is also quick-witted...
Recently we picked him up from a birthday
party. He couldn't stop talking about how this
was the BEST party he'd ever been to. This friend
"had the best party and the best toys"...
including a "lightsaber that costs $100".
Walker could see my face and he knows
my feelings on talking like this.
As quick as he could, he changed course with his conversation...
"I am just so happy for Ryan to have those things."

He knew he needed to come back down to reality and embrace his $8.99 lightsaber!!!

Walker is so loving to his little sister. Of course they have their moments, boy do they ever! But more often than not, he is the best and sweetest big brother a little sister could ever dream of having. One day I overheard him reading to Hadlee...melted my heart!

Walker has always been a little obsessed with my nephews Hunter and Logan. This warms my heart because they are like my babies themselves...even if they are teenagers now! Walker has always thought he was just as cool and just as old as they are. He loves for us to pick Hunter up from the high school. As we go through the car pool line, Walker hangs his head out the window and yells for Hunter. Luckily, this doesn't phase Hunter, a freshman, one bit!

Walker is a WILD man and goes from one thing to the other as fast as he can. From his activities, to his wants, to his thoughts...he's all over the place, but when he loves something it's with 110%!

Two days after Walker got his first, LONG awaited pet (a fish named Big Blue), Troy came in from work and said, "Walker, have you fed your fish?" Walker's response...


Thursday night was Open House at Walker's school and time for us to see all the turkeys. I still can't believe my baby is in the first grade.

He was so proud to show off his desk,

...his amazing teachers,

...his wonderful art work,

...and his POWER POINT presentation!!!

Troy and I are beyond thankful for our little man...

...and we love to show him off!!!

Like I say, I just can't get enough of this kid. It's been like that from the moment he was born. He is a little turkey, but he'll always be my punkin'...
I love you, Walker!