Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

On my Bounty paper towels (it's the only brand I buy), the fall line says...
"There is so much to be thankful for."

After the English teacher in me looks beyond the preposition at the end of the sentence, I can't help but SO agree! I can't say too many things about myself, but I know for certain that I am thankful for many, many reasons every single day of my life.

So reading even further on my paper towels, I find...
"Give thanks for simple blessings."

Thanks, Bounty...that's just what I plan to do today.

1. My husband who brushed my hair last night. (If he reads this, he'll DIE!). Trust me, there was a 'deal' going on...we were both rewarded!!!
2. While driving, I move my rear view mirror down just slightly, so I can look at Hadlee in the backseat. Her expressions, sweetness, innocence, and beauty just melt my heart.
3. Walker's cute little legs that I look at when he's walking out to get in Daddy's truck in the morning. He's so tall and precious and perfect to me.
4. The way Hadlee likes to crawl on top of me and snuggle with all of her might when we lie down together. It's like Heaven to me.
5. Target.
6. The fact that my Na Na friends and I say "I love you" every time we hang up the phone. And we mean it.
7. Being able to drop by my parents' house for anything and everything (including dropping Hadlee off to nap so I can run errands and Target!).
8. Mr. V! I'll have to do a post all about him someday. He is one of my dearest, best friends. He is in his 60's and he was my 7th grade English teacher. We e-mail every single day ~ at least TWICE a day. He is eccentric and fabulous in every single way possible. I look forward to my morning e-mail and my 5:30 e-mail everyday.
9. Hearing Walker say, "Do you know what time it is?" "It's TICKLE TIME!" Playing 'tickle run time' with him is the BEST. His giggles are like sweet music to my ears.
10. My Hood. They are our best friends and they are literally a few steps away from me.
11. Watching Walker show Hadlee his new Spiderman comic book and hearing Haddie say "COOL BUBBA"!
12. When Walker and Troy roll down the window every single morning as they leave for school and Walker yells, "Love you more than anything" while Hadlee and I give the thumbs up.
13. That Sweet L (Na Na Laura) gave birth to her third precious healthy baby yesterday named to come soon! Sweet L is a RockStar!
14. Seeing Haddie's head pop up from her nap and right away hearing her say "get Bubba" because she can't wait to go and pick up Walker from school.
15. That "God is so BIG...yet, so attainable and personal." I recently read that on an e-mail and I just found it to be so profound and true.
16. Kelli G. Even though she lives in a different town now, I can still call her for anything (like a dress even!) and she has it to me the next day!
17. Blogger friends like you. I love all of my new friends in bloggerville! It's a highlight of my day to see what you are all doing!
18. Secretly I am even thankful that Walker stayed home from school today (don't worry he wasn't playing hookie...I took him to the doctor and he has a viral infection ~ he's already feeling better!).

Made me realize how much I miss him in the afternoons. He plays a mean game of Go Fish...

19. My lovable little Snickerdoodle & everything about her...

Especially the way she can't wait to get her clothes off at night for bath. She runs around the house as fast as she can saying "I naned" (I naked!)...

20. Bounty Paper Towels. You really are the

P.S. ~ If you happen to listen to the songs that I play on my blog, then really listen to the words of this one today. It is one of my all time favorite songs. It was played at my wedding...I just love it.


Rebecca said...

Landon does that exact thing when he is ready for a bath. Clothes can't come off fast enough and then he runs naked through the house yelling, "I nakie." Oh, I laugh every time! And then we repeat the running and yelling "I nakie" after the bath too. Such fun times. I wish they could be young forever! Loved your post as usual (: I am Thankful for the other really good moms out there who see the positive things in our lives that God has blessed us with! And you are one of my favorite GOOD mom's! Have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

That was a beautiful post Mindy! I'm not kidding when I say that your blog is like the blog version of Disneyland! It's that happiest place in Blogland! I always leave your blog with a reminder to slow down and cherish the things I have! Thank you for that! Oh and also - thanks for making me paranoid about my grammar (or lack thereof) on my blog! I will now post in fear of prepositions! ;o)

Lindsay said...

Oh how I need to remind myself of "bounty moments" each and every day! I am thankful for sweet reminders like your post today and for sweet blogger buddies who I have grown to know and love. You can bet that I will pick up a roll of Bounty next time...even if it doesn't have an inspriational, life changing, light bulb moment on the packaging. They deserve it after this marketing campaign! I am thankful for you and for your willingness to share your sweet family!

Amanda said...

I loved reading this.. I got to know a bit more about you and your beautiful family. I'm so thankful for you as well, if only you were MY hoodie.. boo.

Thanks for your comment today. You always put a smile on my face. :)

angie said...

what a beautiful post is so good to remember what we're thankful for. I loved this one:)

BabyGraham said...

Your thoughts made me cry. :) In a good way!