Monday, September 1, 2008

Kindergarten Krazy

Look who survived his first week of Kindergarten with FLYING COLORS.......

.........but not without incidence(s)!!!

Walker had a fantastic first week of kindergarten. It was tough at times, but overall so great and I am very thankful for that!

Here are some things I won't ever, ever want to forget:
*I already posted about his first day comment ("I had a good time...even though I didn't think I would) AND his view on his coloring skills ("I get to skip a grade!).
*"Mom, I have a new friend at school. His name is CJ and I can already spell his name. C.....J"!
*Okay, so I don't really want to remember this one because it made mommy cry (this is the tough part of the week I was talking about), but Walker got confused on the second day of school and got lost on the way to his classroom! Not sure exactly what or how it happened...but that incident didn't make for perfect 'drop offs' in the morning. No tears, but you could see the anxiety!
*CLIMBING THE WALL in the gym that he was petrified of last year in pre-k! The first day he climbed it with the help of the teacher and the second day ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Walker doesn't wear Under Armour for nothin'!!!
*"Guess what Mom? The teacher had gingerbread cookies for snack and I ate them and I liked them!" This kid tries NOTHING new...including sweets!
*On Friday, he pulls out a little Twinkle Twinkle Little Star project they made with paper and a straw. I was telling him how much I liked it and told me that he knew I would so he had saved me the instructions. Low and behold later on that day, I found the instructions that he had stuck in the front of his backpack for me (all crumpled up!)!!!
***And how was he by Friday afternoon at 4:00 when we went to get his haircut?!? ASLEEP...

Yes, sound asleep while getting his hair cut!!!

Thankful for a great first week and thankful it's over! When Walker was going to bed after his first day of kindergarten, he asked me if the next day was a school day?!? I told him yes and in my head I thought...and only twelve more years of school after that (at the very, very least!)!!!


Amanda said...

Oh bless his little heart! It's amazing how pooped out they get, huh!? Mason trys NOTHING new either. About two weeks ago I bribed him with 5 stinkin dollars to try/eat ONE grape. Walker has a heart of GOLD and will make some woman very very happy in about 30ish years (wink wink)!

angie said...

I hope he has another great week!