Monday, September 29, 2008

Austin City Limits ~ Part TWO

Ever so often the Good Lord blesses you with a BEST FRIEND. Like a real true, tell anything to, not worry about anything with, knows everything about you and your family type of friend. I happen to think that friends like this don't come along too, too often. Let me say this though...the Good Lord has been GOOD to me. Because ya see, He gave me a friend like this...and I've known her my entire life. And for the icing on this DELCIOUS cake, he let us both get preggers at the same time (like almost literally!) and have our first babies together (nine days apart)!!! And as if that icing wasn't enough...He added a cherry...our children LOVE love LOVE each other. In fact, they are best friends (as much as two six year olds can be anyway!)!!! Add Haddie to the bunch, and it's just the sweetest thing!!!

We had a BLAST visiting our Kelli & Kate in Austin over the weekend!
Hadlee talked all week long about going to "Co Co's houooose" and "Kate Kate's houooose"!!!

Kelli & Kate took us to one of Mommy's fave places...Chuy's!

I can't help it...Walker & Kate are so adorable together!!! The rehearsal dinner video is going to be SOOOO long.

B/F/F...since before kindergarten!
I scream, I scream...we ALL scream for Ice Cream!!!

Kelli & Kate...our September vacation was a blast! (ha!)

SLUMBER par-tay!!! (Isn't Kate Kate's room adorable?!?)...

Sunday at the park...

...and at the mall!...

Kelli & Kate...we LOVE you guys! Thanks for the FUN visit...looking forward to deer season when our daddies are out of town...more playtime!!! Is it okay if I use this picture for my Christmas card?!? LOVE it...and wouldn't mind AT ALL claiming Kate Kate as my own!!!


angie said...

How fun...I miss that girl!!! So glad things are going well in Austin:)

Kelli said...

We had such a great time!! We love our BFF's so much and are really beginning to enjoy all the Vacations we are taking together! Can't wait for Hunting season and a Shopping trip :). Love Ya

Rebecca said...

TAG! You're it! I have tagged you to participate in the Mommy Survey. Go to my blog, copy the survey, post and answer on your blog and tag some friends~
Have Fun!