Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Haddie at Heather's

The Good Lord has TRULY, TRULY blessed me with AMAZING women to take care of my children while I have worked in the mornings. TRULY. I admit, I am one of those freeeeeaky moms...I like total control over my kids & I don't like to leave them AT ALL...and rarely do... almost to the point that it's a bad thing!!!

Hadlee's beautiful, wonderful, amazing teacher is NO exception...Heather is just PERFECT in every way for Hadlee and our family. I actually went to high school with fact we were in French III together our senior year. She is the same as she was back then ~ a genuinely kind person times one million. She has a smile that can brighten the world and the sweetest, dearest heart. She is a teacher and decided to stay home with her little girls and also keep a couple of extras. Heather goes ABOVE and BEYOND...I'm sure you'll see posts in the near future and know just what I mean!

Hadlee LOVES "Heh her" (Heather)!!!!!!!! She has asked for her and her little girls all summer. What a glorious feeling it was on the first day back to ask Hadlee 'where do you want to go this morning?"........................ "To Heh hers"!!!

It was raining outside so Hadlee was thrilled to wear her raincoat. Check out her adorable lunch box with her name (AND zebra striped handles!) from sweet, beautiful Miss Megan (Na Na Extraordinaire!)...

Such a big girl with her "ba pack"!!!

Sweet are the BEST!


Rebecca said...

You are so blessed to have such wonderful, trusting friends around your family at all times! Hadlee looks so cute in her rain coat! And I love the new layout...too cute (;

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Precious pictures of sweetpea! She is just simply adorable Mindy. Her smiles, giggles, and even her "look" is priceless. Loved the picture of Haddie and Heather. My two favorite H's!

Lindsay said...

Ok, Haddie takes the cake today-and every day!!! My favorite picture yet is the first one you posted of Haddie today. She looks so sweet. She is ready to take on the world. Loving the lunch box! We searched for one here and couldn't find one-sold out every where! I just also read the post about Walker's first week of kindergarten and that was hysterical. The sleeping haircut cracked me up. Hey, did you get my comment about the dress? Your family is so much fun to read about and you are such a great mom!!