Friday, September 5, 2008

Missing Daddy

Daddy...we have missed you while you've been in California!!!

Thanks for helping me with my very first model airplane the day before you left. That was really cool!

We had 'orange day' at school. You'd be so proud...of course I wouldn't wear UT orange!!! I did wear my orange soccer wrist band though. That's it I promise! (Also look very closely and you'll see I lost my 9th's on the right on top).

You should have seen me on the soccer field at practice! I scored a goal while we scrimmaged. I sure did miss my favorite coach though. Oh and check out my new foot grew while you were gone to a size 4 1/2!!!

Oh Haddie...I was trying to teach her some things I've learned in kindergarten. I sharpened an orange map pencil on both ends. She couldn't get over that...

Here I was trying to show Hadlee the correct way to make a 'K' (according to elementary teachers!). I think I have finally mastered it...even though it looks like an 'R'.

We don't mean to hurt your feelings, but the only good thing about you being gone is that mommy lets us sleep with her. We all snuggle like this...

But don't worry I only spoon with you!!!
WE LOVE YOU, DADDY and we can't wait for you to be home TODAY!!! Oh yeah, and mommy missed you, too. A LOT (and not just in the mornings when she had to take me to school!)!
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melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey Mindy,
Loving that picture of your two sleeping together. I have had a couple of moments like that already, but I am usually in the middle of it and can't access the ol' camera! I look forward to lots of those sweet moments to come. ALso, can't wait to do leotards like Haddie's in the previous post. Melanie

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh, we are missing Tdawg too! Casey misses BB:) I love the picture of Walker and Haddie asleep together. Just can't get enough of those two. Praying for a safe, quick home for daddy!

angie said...

Hope the reunion is Sweet!!!

Amanda said...

They are just cute together. Hadlee is so lucky to have a fantastic big brother to take over and be the Man of the House! ;)