Monday, March 31, 2014

More than Gold

"I think my family, my friends,
God and Jesus are worth more
than gold because they all love me
and are nice to me."
Hadlee ~ 7 years old, Second Grade
Sweet Hadlee McCall,
YOU, my dear, are worth far
more than gold!!!!!!
If only you knew just how much!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baseball Ready!

Hudson had his second T-ball practice...
still some tears, but then he started
having fun and doing awesome!!!  
 The tears might have been minimal
this time because Huds had a special
"coach" helping...Big Bro Walker!
 Hudson is actually pretty good!
He got all of his throws into the target!!!
 Baseball Ready!!!
 Having a BaLL with his two favorite coaches!!!  :)
 Walker also had his first scrimmage
with his new team.  He did awesome!
Even got a double on his second bat:)
Baseball ready at second...
 We are ready, Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My MHS...

I think I might say this every year...
but these three groups might be my best yet.
I just love my students so much!!!
I feel like they get better and better every year.
This year I am teaching a junior
English class and two Pre-AP sophomore
English classes.  This is my first
time to ever teach Pre-AP...
I figured they would be smarter than I am
and that I wouldn't like it;)
They are so bright and driven and fun!
My students amaze me!!!
 My intern leading the class in a
cool activity with Antony's funeral speech
in Julius Caesar.......
One day I had the students write a journal
entry about a time they were trying to do
the right thing, but it didn't turn out that way.
One of my 10th grade boys turned in
this response and it made me laugh so hard!
Wise young man!!!!!!!!  Hilarious!
All teachers and students in our district
have been issued iPads.  It's been a big "ordeal"...
with many opposing it and many supporting it.
I was cool with it either way but tend
to lean toward the side of technology
in each child's hand certainly isn't
going to hurt them.  It's the way of the world.
I run my class in such a way that I
don't allow them to abuse their
iPad usage...while at the same time,
I do let them have free time sometimes.
These kids deserve AND need breaks!!!
It's a really different atmosphere
with the iPads though!!!
I love it!
Hadlee and her classmates
LOVE their iPads, too!!!!!!
I get so attached to my students each year.
This is a fun group and I love my job:)
 I never know what to expect!
They are all FuNNy!!!!!
My intern is AMAZING this year and
I feel like I pretty much have turned my classes
over to her.  I am going to be LOST without her!!!
It's funny how I feel like I am her
mentor teacher (God bless her!),
her friend and I want to mother her
sometimes, too!  She's such a
beautiful, smart, amazing young woman!
LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Last Weekend:)

Our Sweet Haley Girl had to have
surgery on her knee again:(
God bless her heart!!!
We went to see her the day after
her surgery.  It was hard for the
H's to see Haley like this...
Hadlee made her this and we
took her Frozen, the movie.
We love Haley SO much!!!!!!!!!!
It was so weird with Walker gone
out of town all weekend:(
We missed him.  
Cindy, James, Chris & Jessica came
and stayed with us again!!!
Of course that meant lottery tickets from Chris!!!
The kids LOVE having all of them here! :)
Peter Parker ready for church...
We had a FULL house in our Sunday School class!
Miss Hadlee helps me SOOOO much!!!  :)
 Love my Hank & Huds!
Practice Practice Practice...
in the rain, in the cold, in the heat!
The coach bought all the boys practice
shirts that they are required to wear.
I love that we are the Rangers!
Sunday afternoon, we all curled up in
my bed (daddy took a nap in the
living room;) and watched FRoZeN for the
first time.  Hadlee was the only one
who had seen it before.  I had to BEG & plead
with Walker to watch it...but I think
even he enjoyed it, too!!! 
These three people are certainly
"worth melting for"!!! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Girl and Her Heart

The other day THIS adorable,
sweet, precious little girl
asked that all of us come to the kitchen.
She had four gifts wrapped and labeled
with our initials in tissue paper.
I had no idea she had done any of this!
Sweet Girl gave each of us our "gift"...
I am working with her on her use
of "you're/your";)...but other than that,
these precious little gifts she made
for us are priceless!!!!!!!!!!
I love her heart so much...
she's so kind and compassionate
and tender hearted.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baylor Game

On Saturday Troy was working
and Walker was at Great Wolf...
and, as usual, my parents were begging
me to bring the kids to one of their
beloved Baylor Basketball games!
It was the PerFeCT opportunity!!!!!!
I am pretty obsessed with Baylor Basketball
myself so I was thrilled to go!!!
I couldn't believe I got Baylor
shirts on both my Aggie babies:)
My parents are such HUGE fans!
I love that they have this and these friends
in their lives.  BU Basketball has brought
them MUCH joy in their retirement!!!
Baylor has brought ME much JoY in my life!
HUDS was so excited to be there
and to be wearing a Baylor shirt;)
I think he was just glad to not be
worrying over what Daddy or Walker
would say for the moment! ;)
As soon as we got inside the Ferrell Center,
it was like Hadlee's Aggie blood
started flowing :( She zipped up
her jacket and told me she was
only there "for the food"!!!!!!!!!
And she wasn't kidding about that!!!  ;)
Maybe there's hope for my baby boy...
Nahhhhh, he needs to be an Aggie
like his daddy and brother.
BUT my girl??? :( Boo Hoo
Back to my little Bear...
He certainly made his mommy's weekend:)
Best date I've ever had at Baylor!!!!!!!
Who knows?  He IS my only
child to like Dr. Pepper...
the drink of the Baylor Bears!!!!!!!!
It was a crazy close game
but Baylor WON!!!!!!!!
Grandmother & I were freaking
out during the game;)))
It absolutely THRILLED my parents
to have us there!!!  I'm so glad that we went!
A great time to be a Baylor Bear :)
Both teams are in the Sweet 16!!!!!!!!!
Literally this was my kids when we
got home...NOT wanting Brother
or Daddy to see their Baylor shirts:(
I love being an Aggie family,
but I'm a Baylor Girl at heart!
You just can't take the Baylor
out of this girl!!!