Monday, June 30, 2014

Walker's 5th Grade Skating Party!

Walker's Fifth Grade End-of-Year
party was a SKaTiNG PaRTy!!!
They had a blast!!!
There goes Cade, Walker, Caroline, & Kate!

Watching them skate was FuNNy!!!
Walker, Cade, Peyton, Jared, Zach, Garrett
Peyton crashing & Zach heading our way! ;)
Angie and I went together to this
and we were in charge of getting
pictures of all of our boys!
Huds loved seeing Presli!  :)
Jonah was more into the games than skating!
Kate & Claudia
Love these two!!!!!
My Favorite ALL TiME Fifth Grader...
He's so cute:)
Hard to believe Walker's first year
at intermediate is over! :(
He had awesome teachers and
we are so thankful for such
a wonderful year at a new school!!!
We are SOOOOOOOOOO very, very
proud of our boys' grades this year!!!
And all honors (commended) on his
TAKS tests!!!!!!!!!! :)
 My Carpoolers this year...
Jonathan, Walker, Jonah
Sixth Grade Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hadlee's End of Year Party

Such a SuPeR SWeeT
year in Second Grade
for my SWEET girl:)
And it mostly has to do with
THIS girl and their teacher!
It makes me cry thinking about
the friendships that Hadlee
has made this year. 
She & Jersi are so close
and I just love it!!!
She & Addy, too!!!
Such precious, precious friendships.
Thank you, Lord!
Of course my favorite second
grade couple!!!  Still only a couple
to Cannon though;)
The End-of-Year party for
the Second Graders was
games and snow cones outside.
Plus time for us to surprise
Mrs. Bain with her gift from the class. 
The class contributed money for a gift
card for Mrs. Bain.  As I was trying to
decide where to get the card from, I
found out that Mrs. Bain was planning
a mission trip to Africa this summer
and that she was raising money for that. 
We were ALL on board for that!!!
Seriously, parents gave more and more
after I told them...even grandparents.
The moms AND dads from divorced
families both gave.  Mrs. Bain is just
that AMAZING plus it was such
a worthy, wonderful cause!!!
The gift was generous
and so heartfelt by everyone who gave.
If only that woman knew the impact
she has truly had on ALL of us!!!
Of course Mrs. Bain cried and cried
(in fact she had been crying all week
over this class leaving her!)...
TRULY a woman of God.
We are all so thankful for her!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee just had to also leave Mrs. Bain
with something "chevron" to remember
her by:) A frame for the class picture!
That afternoon another mom and her son
brought a cookie cake and the kiddos
played games and ate in the classroom. 
Sweet Shelby:)
Precious Dev!!!  This guy is something
else.  He was in Hadlee's kindergarten
class and he never spoke a word.
Literally.  Now he speaks and he's
hilarious and BRILLIANT!!!
He & Hadlee are such sweet friends
and we adore his mother, too! 
Hadlee and I are really going to
miss this most special class!!! :(
And to say that we will miss
Mrs. Bain is the biggest understatement.
God knew just who my little girl
needed for second grade.
I just wish we could take
her to third grade with us!!! 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

End of Year Party at Janice's!

There is just nobody in this world
kinder or more loving than Mrs. Janice.
She has blessed my life more
than words can say.
And even MORE so Spidey's life:)
Huds and Beau are lucky little boys!
Janice makes every day pretty special,
but she and Adrienne really did
at their "end of year" party!!!
Water Sprinklers!!!!!!!
AND Water Guns!!!!!!!!!!
I love this picture of Hudson...
PURE FuN!!!!!!!!!
 If had lots and lots of money,
I would spoil this woman to death!!!
We do what we can, I just wish it were more...
I especially loved this bag
because it is SO TRUE regarding
Mrs. Janice & Adrienne!!!!!
There is no more comforting gift
than to know that someone
loves and cares for your child like
her own!  We are beyond
 blessed by Mrs. Janice:)

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Last Days at MHS This Year :(

Another year at Midway High School...
and Mrs. Pierce is shedding the tears again:(
Ever so often there are students who
just hold a special place in my heart.
Jayson C. was one of them. 
I had him and one of his best buddies
for sophomore English three years ago.
They were so funny and kept me
on my toes...yet they were so sweet, too.
Jayson was the type I'd look at
and hope that Walker turns
out to be a nice young man like him. 
I've enjoyed watching Jayson play
football and now he's off to
play college football. 
I'll miss seeing him in the halls of MHS:(

Jordan H was his sidekick.  I've loved
watching him play baseball the last few years.
I've become friends with both of their moms
so I know I'll keep up with them.
Jordan is also such a great young man!!!
He is off to Texas State! 
I'm not going to go back on my blog
and look, but I may have said this last year.
I think this was my best group of students yet!!!
I taught 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods this year.
My juniors were 2nd period
and they were AWESOME!!!
Just a really great group of kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!

Third period was my first ever class
of Pre-AP Sophomores.  This class was a handful...
but oh how I loved them!!!!!!!!!!!!
They brightened my morning every
single day.  They were all SO bright
and funny and interesting and sweet.

Fourth period was my other Pre-AP
Sophomore class and they were just as
sweet and bright...only a few that gave
me a run for my money ~ but in such
a fun, interesting way.  LOVE these kids!

A few days before school was out,
one of my precious former students
dropped by and handed me this
handwritten note. 
THIS is priceless to me
and such a reminder as to
why I teach. 

Rachel was a doll when I had her
as a sophomore and she still is.
I am so thankful for sweet students
like her.  I'm always amazed
at how little things I say or do
to these children can have an
impact on them.  I love being
a teacher to lovable students
like this...and even to the
not so lovable cuz usually by
the end of the year, they ARE lovable!;)
Third period class pic RE-take
because Parker was absent for the other one!
Speaking of third period, this group
was always up to something!!!
Like Bruce doing a selfie on my iPad;)
But the best antic was when Chris C.
took a picture of my board one
day (of an assignment) and got me
in the corner of the picture. 
He ended up cropping it and he
haunted me with the horrible pic
for weeks!!!  THEN, right before
students had to turn in their iPads,
he sent it to everyone in the class
and they all put it as their screen
saver!!!!!!!  You can see how
funny I thought this was;)))
I really will miss this class so much. 
Another antic...same class;)
I told them I was really good at ping pong
one day.  The next day I came in and
they had a ping pong net set up!!!!!!!!!!
This class was also very vocal about the
temperature in my room.  I freeze all the time
and like my room toasty;)...they were always
messing with my thermostat!!!!!!!
The girls were so sweet
and the boys were ROWDY!!!!!!!!!!
But a really fun type of rowdy!!!
I am going to miss them all :(
Marie, Emily, Madelin, Kylie, Lauren, Natalie, Amanda
Amanda, on the far right, slipped
this little handmade card on my desk
on her last day in my room. 
A heartfelt, handwritten note
is just the best gift a student can give!
She is such a beautiful and precious soul.
At the beginning of the year, I was
out (with a serious staph infection
although the class didn't know what
I had).  I'll never forget when I returned
how Amanda walked up to me
and asked if she could pray for me
because she could tell I still didn't
feel good.  That touched my soul!
Amanda is EXTREMELY smart...
like top of her class...and I can't wait
to see what is ahead for her. 
I'll even miss these crazy guys;)
Clive, Jay, Chris, Jake, Parker, Joel, Mackey
My juniors on the day of their exam!!!
Such an awesome group!!!
Some I had for two years in a Ainsley & Randy.
Ashley was a special one because we
became friends with her mom at the
Cookie Company long before I had her
daughter!  So fun!!!!!!!! 
Mark B. will always be a favorite...
I had met him through Kade Miller.
Such a great guy:) artist!  Her desk was right
beside mine and I loved seeing what
she was always drawing or working on.
Truly talented!!!
This beautiful girl was such a delight!
So bright and sweet...truly a joy to teach
every day.  I love students like Ashley R.
I was absolutely blown away on the
last day with this class when Ashley
handed me this gift with the sweetest
note about how I was her favorite teacher
and she knew I loved these earrings and
that she thought the bright pink
reminded her of me. 
I was overwhelmed by her kindness
and will treasure this special gift
for always.  I love them!!!
Last day with my sweet sophomore
girls in fourth period!!!  Love this bunch:)
AND the silly guys in there, too!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh, Sam, Issac
This little angel, Laura, was too sweet for words!
She was just a delight to have in class
and spoiled me rotten all year, too! 
Parker & Charles kept me on my
toes in fourth period!  Great guys!!!
Sweet, beautiful Audrey...
Ms. Crouch and I loved watching her
walk to class.  Such a pretty girl
with the sweetest disposition!
I was so thrilled to have Kate!
I know her family through Walker
being friends with her brother.
Kate is a precious girl
and just so pleasant to have in class!!!
And then there were these three
from third period.  They are so special!
I just adore they are my own
or like they are my friends!
Such fun, sweet girls!!!
My days next year won't be the same
without them!!! :(
Molly, Valentina, Chandlar
They taught me the art of the "selfie"!!! ;)
And finally there is Madelyne.
I had this most precious girl when she
was a freshman for French. 
I can still remember where she sat...
she was always doodling or using markers
to color Toms before that was even cool!!! 
We have remained close all four years
of her high school and at our church.  My whole
family has come to know and love her.
She has a heart for Jesus and
for serving others and it is so evident!!! 
This beautiful young lady has been
through a lot the last few years
and I am so proud of her and all
that she is!!!  I love her and her
mother AND her sister, Molly
(in above picture!!!). 
Madelyne is one of a kind
and "I" am the one who has
been blessed by her.   
The picture on the right that she
posted is from her freshman year!  :)
The kids and I took her a Kendra
Scott necklace on the day before
graduation.  Hadlee & Hudson
absolutely ADORE her!!!
Obviously I adore her, too!

Such a precious, thoughtful
Jesus loving young lady.....
She is off to Texas Tech and I can't
wait to see what all God
has in store for her life!!!!!!!!!!
This was my 17th year to teach...
and my 15th year at Midway. 
WOW!  That's hard to believe. 
This school has been really good to me
letting me be part-time for 12
 of those years!  I am so thankful.
All of my years playing "school"
when I was a little girl have
really paid off!  :)