Saturday, September 26, 2015

Travis Lately ~ Spring 2015

This update is way overdue.
Travis, my beloved Travis.  
Some days I still just can't even believe.
We all love this guy so much.  
Five years later,
and it's still just so hard
to believe
YET so miraculous at the same time.  
Travis continues to be charming as 
ever to so many people...
mainly through Facebook,
anytime he's out and about
(it's totally like being with someone famous!),
and to the many who have come to love him.  
LIKE these two very special friends of
my mothers who are in her 
Sunday School class.  They
are as nice and sweet as ladies can come...
Proverbs 31 women if you will:)
The one on the right has just
beat cancer.  Travis brought 
her much joy and encouragement
during her own trial.  
They loved getting to come
see Travis!
My sisters and I follow some
TBI Facebook groups and one is
about "swallowing".  One day Michelle
came upon this new devise being
created.  Lynna began to research it
and found two doctors in Temple
willing to take on Travis.
God is STILL very much involved
in Trav's healing!!!
It's so amazing.  
Lynna and Travis LOVE the doctors
and they love Travis.  They are young
and cool and motivated and encouraged!
WOW.  Just Wow.  
The whole process is VERY arduous
and involved and takes many, many
"takes" and there are no guarantees.
But hope.  We have hope.  
It's obviously not the future
we ever planned upon for our Travis,
but we have such HOPE.
God is going to make good come from all of this.
Perhaps even the good has already been
done and accomplished
and we won't know what it was until Heaven.
13 Encouraging Bible Verses About Hope
PLEASE, please if you are reading this,
pray that this will work for Travis.
To help him be able to eat AND speak again.  
We'd give anything.  
Thankfully, Baylor is still allowing
Travis to come for speech therapy.
With Lynna being retired, it's been
awesome for her to be able 
to take him and to be his full time
advocate.  I don't know what he'd
do without his amazing mama!
This was his speech therapist at
Baylor in the spring.  
Travis also continues to do horseback
riding therapy which is AMAZING for him.  
We were thrilled to go out for
his Spring Show!!!!!!!
Seeing Superman ride is AWESOME(:
Travis has come so far ...
So handsome:)
Travis has always loved animals
so much...these horses are 
no exception whatsoever.  
The people out at REACH are
so wonderful and amazing.  
First Place Ribbons of course! 
Travis has fun out there
and everyone just adores him!
His two favorite aunts cheering him on:)
And Grandmother of course!!!
Awesome men who work out at Reach!
This lady just ADORES Travis!!!!
They are so funny together:)
Proud Dad
We are all so proud:)
We just love him a little;)
But he loves us a little, too;)
Travis brings our lives so much laughter.
I've always imagined that God likes laughter.
 Oh Travis.  La Tante loves you dearly.  
So handsome!
Such a miracle!!!!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Dear Lord!
Lots of Laughter(:
Recently I came across some of my
fave Trav pics...this one is still 
in Grandmother's guest bathroom!
Oh those eyes..........
Travis and Hadlee ~
He was crazy about her.  Still is(:
But I don't know that there was ever
a person more crazy about another
than I was over him......
Sometimes I think about if I could go
back to one moment in time...
which moment would it be?  Maybe the day 
before Trav's accident when I called
to see if he was working so we could
come by and see him.  He was reading
in bed ~ told me he loved me before
I even told him.  OR would it be to
a day like this ~ one of those times
when this handsome, free spirited,
fun loving guy would whisk in and 
charm every person in the room
with his good looks and million dollar
smile.  He could talk me into anything.
Instead I just thank God for today, for 
the present, for the fact that I'm not 
mourning Travis for the rest of my days
on earth.  That he was given a second
chance.  That "I" was given a second
chance to make better of my life, too.
I guess the hardest part is that
I can handle this and I can understand
it for the most part.  I take comfort in
the LONGing and the faith of
the day when I WILL know the purpose
of all of this.  My heart just aches for 
Travis.  His days are hard.  Lynna's
days are hard.  The empathy I feel
for them overtakes me at times.
Especially because there's just 
not much I can do.  

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Mrs. Davison said...

Mindy, I love you and your family! You are never-ending in your faith in the Lord! I'm so proud of you all! You are strong, courageous and ever-loving! Travis is lucky to have all of you and you all are lucky to have Travis! Life is difficult, no matter what turns you take. You are using what God allowed and honoring Him! Thanks for sharing your life with others!