Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On the Daily

Hadlee being honored at the Midway
School Board Meeting for her involvement
in Rachel's Challenge!
My Sweet H's...
Always on the go with Mama...
usually to get Walker or to see
Walker in something;)
Although their things are starting up, too!
A beautiful day outside
while waiting on Walker at K-Life...
I love their sweet, fun spirits:)
Way too cool for Mom to take his
picture these days :(
but so handsome!
Mama doesn't quit though;)
Rough game...
(pretend game of course!)
K-Life has been awesome for these young men!
A Shipleys rainy morning with my BOY!
Milk in a milk carton isn't like
the milk that mama warms up at home;)
Target makes it all better(:
Making signs for Kade Miller
who was going to STATE for GOLF!
Troy and my kids have never
enjoyed a rental car more than this one...
Ready to wish Kade GOOD LUCK!
How cute was Hudson's?!?
He did everything on his own
except he asked me to draw the body
for Kade.  He even drew his golf bag;)
So, so proud of this boy!!!
Hudson went through a stage
where he was all about bugs...
and wanting to keep them as PETS!
One night I found him like this...
with June Bugs all over him!!!!!
Church with the Fam:)
Walker even wanted to drive the mini-van!
Pictures I find on my phone
that Hadlee has taken of her little brother;)
Storm Brewing!!!
Of course Hadlee was FREAKING out:(
Huds and Beau playing football
in Mrs. Janice's garage!  
They make me so happy:)
Hadlee helping Jersi with her 
make up work via FaceTime...
That turned into pictures of each other!!!
Friday Night BASEball Lights!!!
Hudson got to meet Ben H.  
He was so nice and wonderful to Hudson.  
Our boy has run so many plays
with this guy as his QB!!!;)
Hudson playing on the field;)
He's obsessed!!!
He also got to see Jake G!
Another "teammate"!!!
I scream I scream.
And of course ending the night
with a DANCE ParTAY!
Sweetest Selfie Sister
Lunch with the Coolest
Sixth Graders Around!!!!!!!!!
Also lunch with the cutest 4th graders!!!
This doesn't happen very often 
anymore...but when it does, 
my mama heart just melts!
I still can't believe these 
sweet little ones are mine:)
I love them "daily"!

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