Monday, September 28, 2015

Third Child & Socks

Third children are the best. 
I especially think I had it made with
With Walker, I always wanted him to
look cute as can be.  Polo shirts,
Hadlee ~ well, she was my girl.
I went to town dressing her!!!

By Hudson, I understood.
None of that silly stuff MATTERS!!!
Whatever's the kid that's
cute, not what you put on him or her!
He wanted to wear a size 2T Spiderman
pajama top every where he went 
for three years?!?  Why not?
But this???  This cracked me up.
One afternoon I noticed him wearing
some of Walker's old socks - socks
that were still way too big.
Didn't phase Huds at all!!!
Just made me laugh. I love third kids(:

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snekcip said...

Little boys are the greatest, especially ones that march to the beat of their own drum. I have a little grandson like that, he does his own thing and likes his own style and simply the cutest little debater in the world. You say it's blue, I guarantee he will say "No, Yaya...its actually LIGHT BLUE! He also wears his favorite shirt, which is a Ninja Turtle shirt, with his favorite rain boots WITHOUT ANY SOCKS! He also sported the cutest Mohawk and just decided this year, he wants to wear a low-cut hairstyle like his "Big Brudder."