Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Men of Midway

The Midway Men's Choir 
did the coolest thing this year.
They combined ALL of the boys'
choirs from 6th grade through 12th
grade for an AMAZING concert.
I was so thrilled that this handsome
young man got to be a part of it!!!
Love him so, so much!
Even if he's a tween and doesn't want 
me taking his picture and wants
to be on his phone too much;)
He's huge!!!!!!!!!!
Each individual choir from every grade level
and school got on stage first
and sang.  Our boys sounded great!
How I don't have a picture of them
on stage with Mrs. Petty, I have no idea;(
But then after alllll the choirs had sung,
the younger boys stood up in front 
and the older boys were all on stage...
and they started swaying and singing.
We all had the chills and tears in our eyes!
Hearing these young MEN sing!!!
Athletes, scholars, regular name it,
all just singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It really was BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!
We all enjoyed the show very much:)
It was a really cool experience for
these boys who are all such great friends.
They have loved choir this year
and I hope that continues!
Such funny boys!
One of my favorite students 
was in it, too!!!!
Such a great night! (:
Troy and his favorite girls:)
I have to be the luckiest 
mama in the world:)
My cup overfloweth...
We try not to have fun wherever we go;)
BUT any night celebrating my 
very most favorite young man 
in the whole wide world
is a FuN night:)

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