Saturday, September 19, 2015

Haddie's 3rd Grade Field Day!

Third Grade Field Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee's Cheering Section:)
Huds was so pumped to be at the stadium!
Penson's Pacers Arriving!
Sweet Hadlee & Jersi hugging in line:)
I love their sweetness:)
Dancing and having fun before it started!
Their dancing was a RioT!
Their adorable PE teacher was out 
there leading the charge:)
Opening Ceremonies!
Let the Games Begin!!!
Hadlee in the one legged race:)
Fish Toss!
Just loved watching my little girl & her friends from afar....
She still loves to make sure Mama is watching;)
Sweet Thing is not much into being sporty...
we beg her to let us sign her up for a sport, but
she says no way!  Dance and Gymnastics are
her things and we are good with that:)
Imagine my surprise though when 
she told us they raced at school and she
was the fastest girl in her class??????
And that she'd be the anchor leg
on the sprint relay team for her class!!!!!;)
I remember being in the same spot a few
years ago with Walker in the last leg
of the Sprint Relay team for his class!!!!!!
The girl and then the boy sprint relay races
are the biggest parts of the track meet
along with the tug of war.  
We were pumped for our girl!!!!!!!!!!!
Was she talking smack out there?!?
NO, she was holding hands with her
little friend from another class that 
she was about to race!!!!!
Seeing she and Addy holding hands about
to race just had to be the sweetest thing.
Getting close to GO time:)
Daddy giving his girl the thumbs UP!
Fan Club:)
Lined Up and Ready...
Sporty Spice:)
Jersi was the third leg and would be 
handing off to Hadlee....
When it got to Hadlee, the Penson Pacers
were a little bit behind....
But Sister took off FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had never, EVER seen my girl
run like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's hard to tell in this picture,
but Hadlee McCall came from behind
and WON the race for her team!!!!!!
The crowd went WiLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's Ms. Penson hugging our STAR!!!!!!
It was just awesome:)
Who knew Hadlee had this in her!???!!!!!???!!
Running back to hug her teammates!!!
Sweet and Sporty!!!!!!!!!!!
We were so proud of this little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So proud of her and her team!!!!!!!!!
Then we cheered on the boys' sprint relay!!!
Cool Guys!!!
Our team struggled at Tug-o-War 
but they had fun!
Go Penson Pacers!!!
Sweet Girls!!!!!!!!!!
Especially love my 
Hadlee McCall and Jersi Kate!
Such a fun day!
Huds can't wait for his turn!
Absolutely LOVE and ADORE 
Ms. Penson!  Such a special teacher...
couldn't be more thankful for the
way she has taught, loved and nurtured
my Hadlee this year in 3rd grade!
Can't resist a pic of our favorite couple:)
The Penson Pacers won the whole
Track Meet!!!  #1!!!!!!!!!!!
Who knew my sweet girl
was a TRaCK STaR!!!!!!!???!!!!
This was the text I got from
Ms. Penson after the track meet.  
Loved it!!!!
"Her determination was off the charts!"
At the end of this day, I was so 
thankful and happy.  For one,
that my daughter goes to the school 
she does and it's such a fun, happy
environment with the BEST teachers/staff 
in the world.  Two, that my girl
raced her little heart out and learned
that if you go after something, you can 
get it!  Winning or losing doesn't matter
to me...but giving something your
ALL, well that's awesome!!!
And finally, that my little girl
has sweet friends and they love
each other so much.  They are innocent
and kind and sweet...and although I know
that unfortunately won't always be the case,
I want my daughter to remember
that holding hands with the friend
she's about to race is way better
and more meaningful in the race that 
really, truly matters ........
the race of life!!!!!!   

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