Monday, September 21, 2015

Our New Indoor Facility!

What a COOL event for our school
district with a very cute welcoming:)
I really don't know that anybody
was more excited about the new
indoor facility than this guy...
Amelia (:
Walker with his very first teacher...
PreK.  Love Mrs. G:)
He's taller than her now!!!
One of my very favorites...
and STATE Bound for GOLF!!!
Getting Tatted Up by the cheerleaders;)
Another FAVE...Baylor BOUND
to play football!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We missed Hadlee for a minute ...
then I noticed her with the cheerleaders
and I thought that they were 
teaching her a dance ~
But THEN I realized that 
SHE was teaching THEM a dance!!!:)
I mean step by step,
Sister had it going ON!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds with our QB for next year.....
I'm thrilled that THiS boy is going 
to reap the benefits of such
an awesome facility....
AND for THiS guy, too!!!!!!!!
He can't wait!!!!!!!!!
Lots in store for these boys!
The Future Mr. and Miss MHS
Photo Session ;)
Finally :)
The future of the Midway Panthers!
Haddie loves her some Chad;)
Love these guys!
Seriously Little Man can't wait!!!
The place really is AWESOME!
Huds just had to get his hands
on some of the work out equipment!
Love my Pierce #5!

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