Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hudson's Kindergarten Round Up

How in the world could this be?
My third and final child to 
take to Kindergarten Round Up.  
I am so thankful that the Good Lord
blessed me with this little boy.
I cannot imagine life without him.
(Of course in true third child fashion,
I almost missed the memo about
kindergarten round up and I didn't
have all the paper work ready!  ha!)
Precious Julia(:
Love that we have some friends
from life and Sunday School.
Friends make everything better ~
especially sweet ones like Julia.  
Five years old
and quite possibly the sweetest
little guy in the world.  
Anxious and excited to 
conquer kindergarten and South Bosque
just like his Big Brother and Big Sister
have done.  I'm so excited and 
anxious for him.  He's just so sweet.  
He was a little teary eyed when it
came time to part with Mommy
with the other little boys and girls
while the parents met.  
Thankfully, the sweet people at 
South Bosque let Hadlee
go with him.  He ended up having
THE BEST time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cracked up that while he was there
he drew some football plays;)
Go and Absolutely Shine in Kindergarten,
Sweet Boy!
You really are something special
and I hope you always know that:)

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