Friday, September 25, 2015

Dance Pictures 2015

This Little Girl...
Haley curled her hair for 
Dance Pictures:)
It looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
The most adorable ballerina
there ever, ever was...
Her profile....oh my(:
Too grown up...
But still my silly little girl!
Thankful for her "Big Sister"
to curl her hair and love her...
Thankful for the crazy little bro, too! ;)
My Girls(:
I couldn't stop taking pictures!!!!!!!!!!
She's truly a little bit of Heaven on earth!
It's moments like these that
I just can't believe that the Good Lord
let me have a daughter.
I am so thankful.  
Thank you, Lord.  
JaZZ Time!
Cute and silly as everything!
Then time for TaP!
She melted the photographer's heart.  
I love being a Dance Mom:)
I love her so much.  
This sweet, precious face.
I love being a girl mom.
A girl mom to THiS girl(:

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