Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Walker's Track Try-Outs, Friends & Grades

So, apparently next up was...TRaCK.
Of course Walker wanted to try out.
I couldn't BELIEVE my eyes when I showed
up at the tryouts...only 96 boys trying
out for 6 spots in the 100 yard dash. 
Are you kidding me?!?
There was my boy...going for it!
And they were off!!!!!!!!!!!
This kid makes me so very proud!!!!!!!!
He is going for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In track at MMS, students really try out
for each track meet each week.
Honestly I didn't know if Walker
would make any meet because there is 
A LOT of competition!  A LOT!!!
(Yet he made them all!).  
I think this was the 200 yard dash.  
Athletics aside,
these grades AND his drive 
are what I like the very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fishing with his Buddies at Grayson's....
He even caught a fish!!!!!!!!!!
Walker has awesome friends!
This was William's birthday celebration:)
Baseball lessons with Coach Jonathan...
because it was time for STORM
to really get going!!!!!!!!!!!

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