Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hudson's Buddies & Baseball

Watching your children make
friends is THE BeST!!!!!!
Grayson had an awesome b-day party!
Clark, Hudson, Griffin!!!
I think these three will be buds 
for a LONG time to come!!!
I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE them and  ...
.... their families!
Awesome boys!!!!!!!

Baseball is EVeRyDaY for this kiddo!!!
On his own, in the back yard, 
working so hard!
Huds was SO PUMPED for his first
little league practice on his new team!
He is on the Orioles and practices
are at a familiar field...the Millers:)
Already seems like a great group and
and great families.  Look at all the dads helping!
Hudson's excitement and passion
is something else.  God knew we needed
this little guy and I'm so very thankful!

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