Friday, August 5, 2016

Walker's 1st Track Meet

Walker never dreamed he'd make the 
first track meet team, but sure enough
he did:)  One of his friends called 
to tell him to go look...Walker wasn't
even going to go look at the posting!  ha!
The first track meet was in Copperas Cove
and Walker threw the discus first!
This was of course NEW to Walker
and he loved it!!!  He did great:)

Troy, Hudson and I made the trip
to Cove to watch him!
I think this was the stop stalking
me, MOM, pose;)
Next up was the 100 yard dash!
He did GREAT!
Track is tough!!!!!!!
I still don't know how or why, 
but Walker also was put in the 400.
He had absolutely NO coaching
on how to run this one - which
is TOUGH, but he did it!
This is a HARD race and Walker
persevered and did just fine!
But boy was it TOUGH!

One very special part about track 
was his girlfriend, Tatum!
She was also on the track team:)
They were super cute:)
It was an awesome group of kids
on the Track Team!!!!!!!
Love all these boys!
These two were cracking us up!
They were both talking to their
dads in the stands;)
Proud of YOU, Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!!
Eating before we hit the road home:)
Track wore this kid out!!!
Sister opted to go home with friends
and then go hang with Grandmother
until we got back!  :)

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