Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hadlee's First Dance Competition 2016

Here we go!!!!!!

Hadlee McCall's first ever
DaNCE CoMPeTiTioN!!!!!!!!!!!
This ray of sunshine and I left
early Saturday morning on February 27th
 to head to DeSoto, near Dallas.  
My Dance Princess:)
Beauty Sleep....
Let's Do This!!!!!!!
First up was HAIR & MAKE UP!
Hadlee is as girly as you can get...
but she does not like make up.  
She has the most gorgeous skin
and of course doesn't need any make up.
Plus she has a daddy who says
NO MAKE UP ... EVeR!!!!!
He hates it on her!
Today there was no choice on the
make up....OR the eye lashes!!!!!!!!!!
Sister has literally been the ONLY
girl on stage at every single dance
recital WITHOUT make up.
Then this, OH.MY.
The show must go on and
the make up must be ON;)
Gorgeous Girl ready to PeRFoRM!!!!!!!
These four had such a bond!!!
Hadlee, Lindsay, Abby, Katelyn
Lunch as we wait....
Pom was first!
My pom girl looked adorable!
Big Sister Claire (:
Yay for POM!
Hadlee has this pom thing DOWN!
I think pom might be her best:)
Well, what do you know?!?
Look who arrived???
They didn't know what to think!  ha!
Daddy wasn't impressed with the make up!
I love her so much!
Daddy's Girl (:
LOVE that they came!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This really was a great group of girls!
SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
They rocked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So proud of this little girl!!!
Dance MOM & Her Girl
Practicing on their own in the hall!
MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avery has been such a sweet friend 
to Hadlee.  Avery is a year older.
Hadlee met her when they were in 
2nd/3rd grade in the bathroom at 
school and they've been friends ever
since.  How sweet is that?
Walker couldn't make it that day;( ...
in his defense, he really did have
something that day........
ha!  Besides a dance competition could have
sent Walker over the edge;)
 Thank Goodness for this little love though!
(he just doesn't have a choice yet!!!)
But these two were so sweet 
and happy for our girl!!!:)
Oh these two.  
Hadlee is a lucky girl. 
She's got a man that LOVES
her like crazy.  They are quite the two:)
And of course she's got her biggest,
little fan.  Pure LOVE. 
Plus a MAMA who thinks
she is an absolute dream come true!!!!!!
A little bit of Heaven on this earth!
Easy on the dancer!  
This is serious stuff, Guys!!!!!;)
Just what his princess needed 
before she took the stage again......
(and this isn't staged AT ALL!
Daddy and his girl!!!!!)
"Annie" ~ their jazz routine was next!
Only eight dancers made "Annie"...
it was my favorite dance and the toughest
one.  Hadlee was the only 4th grader
who made this dance.
They ROCKED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I only took video this time.........
Morgan is one of their student teachers:)
These four became such sweet 
friends this year!
Getting a little practice in....
Waiting with the older girls to take the stage...
So excited to take the stage one final time!
LOVE my DaNCeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee is the split jump girl 
in the dances!!!!!
(Of course I missed it on camera!)
Way to Go, My Darling Girl!!!!!!!!!!!
You have a SONG in your heart!!!!!!
Time to hang out and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee adores Mrs. Emily......
what a special relationship!  :)
So thankful for the strong women 
in Hadlee's life who love & support her.  
One CRaZY DaNCE MoM!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have so much fun together!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet Ella Kate!
They've been together since day one...
oh so thankful for her and her mom.  
So, select baseball tournaments have NOTHING
on dance competitions!  ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
AWARDS Time!!!!!!!!!!
I can't even remember what all they got...
but it was first in everything.  
I think!  ha ha!
I'm thinking most every group gets something...
but this group got all the big ones
for their age division:)
Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister loved that Grand Champion one!
I love the awards of course...
but I am so thankful for the sweet 
friendships made even more!
Congratulations, Sweet Girl.
Your first real lesson in hard
work PAYING off.
You worked hard ON YOUR OWN
to make all three dances.
You have a song and a dance in your
heart and we couldn't be more proud of you!
Always go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Precious Girls!!!!!!!!
Abby is also a year older
and one of Hadlee's dearest friends now.
They met in dance this year.
We LOVE her!
Best in Category was for Annie I think. 
Lots to celebrate with Mrs. Emily!!!
Madi is one of Walker's friends.  
Then Emily told Hadlee she could
take THiS one home with her to bring
to dance next week. 
Hadlee was THRiLLED!!!!!!
My Dance Mom Friends!!!
We had a blast all season:)
Celebrating with a late night dinner
at the Macaroni Grill...
(the VERY first thing Hadlee did after awards
was rush to the bathroom to rip off the eye lashes
and wipe off the make up!  ha ha!)
We left for the Big City that morning
before 7:00 and we were leaving
Dallas at 12:07 in the morning!
WOOOOOOO nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was SO very worth it, and
I wouldn't trade a thing for our day!
Or the trophy in our back seat!  ha!!!
Somebody was REALLY impressed
with the big, huge trophy!!!
Hadlee didn't brag at all;)
PROUD Daddy!!!!!!!
Heading to the dance party
with teacher gifts, big sister gift,
and of course the trophy!!!!
Party Time!
Hadlee McCall,
you are pure love and joy!!!
I love your passion and your enthusiasm
for your family, your friends,
and dance.  There's something so 
special about you and I can only
attribute that to Sweet Jesus.
He's deep, deep down in your heart
and that's what will carry you through
life.  Don't ever forget that!
If I could have designed a little
girl for God to share with me,
I would have designed YOU.
But of course the Good Lord knew
that I needed exactly you :)
May you always
Absolutely SHINE!!!!!!!!

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