Monday, August 1, 2016

Dad's Fall in February

Dad's days at Wesley Woods
were going better...
I guess you could say.  
God bless his heart and soul.
We still can't believe this has 
happened to our sweet Dad.
Just cannot believe it.  
Then my mother received the early,
early morning call that Dad had 
taken a fall during the night.  Thankfully, 
he had not broken anything - but
he definitely needed stitches,
so he was taken to the hospital
and we all met them there.  
Then we took him back to his WW.  
It broke our hearts.
The most wonderful wife in the world.....
Our favorite day nurse, Arin,
took good care of him.  
The next day his face looked
a little bit better.  
We love him so much.  
Felicia is our favorite CNA...
she and her daughter both work at WW.
Felicia likes to bring her granddaughter 
to see my mother.  They are all so kind.  
Trevail and Felicia!
They love Mother and vice versa!!!
Sometimes Dad kinda feeds himself.
It's interesting to watch him sometimes
just to see how he does without us.
Sadly, him feeding himself
just doesn't last.  :(
Verna of our FAVES:)
How about THiS handsome visitor?!?
Oh Dad, I'm so sorry this is how 
life has turned out for you.  :(
You didn't deserve this at all............
But we are going to LOVE you through it all!!!
Dad LOOKS so normal and okay.
I think that's one thing that makes this
all seem so much more difficult. 
At any minute you think he's going 
to snap out of this and once again
be aware, be in control, talk, joke,
be our dad.  But sadly, he's not.
He's long gone and that's so hard to accept.  

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