Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hudson's Fillings

God bless this little Warrior!!!!!!
When we went to the dentist in 
December, I had no worries over
my little Hudson's teeth.  He brushes
the most often and takes care of his
teeth the best of all three!
I couldn't believe when the X-Rays
showed that he had six cavities 
in his baby molars!  :(
Dr. Starr said this was just a bad
case of genetics - that my little man
didn't have anything to do with this.
Thanks, TROY!!!
I've never had a cavity (KNoCK on WooD!),
but Troy CERTAINLY has!!!!
Apparently Big Sis and Big Bro 
have my teeth genetics whereas 
my little Huddy got Daddy's :(
But what a CHAMP this kid was!!!!!!!!
Laughy Gas Guy
This was killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His dentist is awesome 
and I'm so thankful!
We only did some of the fillings that
first day and then we headed 
straight to Academy for a treat! ;)
A new sleeve for this STUD Muffin!!!

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