Monday, May 18, 2015

Easter 2015

The Easter "Bunny" loves coming to our
house and fixing up little baskets that
represent each one of my kiddos;)
Walker ~ 12 Years Old
Hadlee ~ Almost Nine
Hudson ~ Five Years Old
Sleepy, SiLLY Heads
Easter Morning 2015
Ready for the REAL reason
we celebrate Easter :)
They looked so, so precious.  
I couldn't love them more.  
Hudson's button down shirt
and tie were all HIS choosing!
This is exactly what HE wanted to wear:)
Grandmother joined us at our church:)
The benefit of taking Grandmother
to church...a golf cart ride back to your car!
I am so thankful for my sweet mother.  
The sweetest, best grandmother ...
The Pierce Party of Five!!!!!!!!
Blessed Beyond Measure!!!
The sweetest blessings in all of this world...  
Thank you, Lord.  
My Oldest...
My Girl...
My Baby...
We could ALL just eat him up!
I kept telling him he was like
a little "model"...he loved it!  ;)
Grandmother with her gift:)
Her blue bonnet display:)
I couldn't resist this picture of 
my baby boy WALKER!!!!!!
I mean, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CoNFeTTi EGGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It became quite competitive
when Daddy joined in;)
AND they loved getting Aunt Lynna!  
Troy just had to get MOM!!!!!
My handsome boy.  
Can't get enough confetti eggs!  
It was a great day!!!
Confetti Eggs are just FuN!!!!!!!!!!
We missed Michelle though :(
Grandmother had to get him back!!!
LOL!!!!!  Troy is always up to something!
Such a wonderful day!!!
Time to hunt Easter Eggs:)
We've had many hunts in this back yard!  
This guy knew there was MONEY
in a few of the eggs!  
We love PaPa!!!
What trip to Grandmother's could
be complete without some
baseball and/or basketball?!?
When we got home, it was time
to dye some Easter eggs!
Sweet angel:)
Sister was in charge!!! ;)
I loved how Hadlee was trying
to decide on names for her new little bunny:)
Hadlee's eggs were beautiful!  
Little Cutie Pie:)
I am thankful for SO very much ...
but MOST of ALL for this: