Friday, May 1, 2015

Haley's Softball Games!

We love watching #00 play softball!!!
Her biggest fans:)
Well, Jake might be a pretty big fan, too!  
One game was especially cool
because Hudson finally got to 
meet Devontre, one of my former
favorite students.  He will be playing
football for Baylor next year!
Hudson loves watching Devontre
play in the Midway videos!!!
Huds also got to go on the
Midway football field that night!!!
The kid is obsessed!!!!!!!!!!
This was also the night that
I attempted to race Jared on the field
and I bit it!!!!!!!!
I was sore for a WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet Girls!!!
Love these precious little friends:)
Haley is awesome!!!!!!!
Haley's HUGE Fan Club!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously pretty much this whole section
was there for #00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A funny, former student
of mine was taking the pictures for us!
Desmond was a riot when I had him
two years ago and he's still a mess!  ;)
I get such a kick out of my students!
They are all so funny!!!
Midway got the win and 
Hudson and Desmond started
dancing in the stands after the game!
It was hilarious!!!
Nobody could believe
my little Hudson dancing like that!
Haley Girl is LOVED!!!!
Hadlee, Nadali and Haile 
made up a cheer for Haley!!!
Hugs :)
We had such a fun night!!!
We love our Haley Girl!!!

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