Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Walker's First Game on the Hooks!!!

12 Years Old ~ Opening Day 
Midway Little League
on the Chorpus Christie Hooks!!!
Serious Coach and Excited Player!!!
Precious little Hooks' Fans!!!
Let's Do This!!!!!!!!!!
Sooooo, the Hooks got the first
round draft pick...which was HUGE.
We got the best player in the league -
in fact, he's the best pitcher, catcher, and
hitter in the league......BUT...........
he got hurt!!!!!!!!!!  Out for the season.
Are you kidding me?!?  Nope.  
THEN, right before our very first
game our one other catcher got hurt.
Are you kidding me?  Nope.
Basically the coach lined up the boys
left at the Wednesday practice
before our first game on Saturday
 and made each of them try
catching.  I could NOT believe
when Troy came home and told
me that Walker was going to be
the new catcher?!?  He had never
caught nor wanted to catch
a single day in his baseball career!
I just didn't know what to think
or expect.  Here is my #9 with
our pitcher, #8.....
quite the duo come to find out!!!
Walker's first bat for the season...
he's batting in the #4 slot!!!
A beautiful hit to the out field for
a DOUBLE that scored Peyton!!!!!!!!!
Then behind the plate while
Matthew H. batted!!!
Who was that boy catching?!?!!!!
I don't know that I had ever been
more proud of my son in a game.
Talking to our pitcher...
he's an 11 year old also having to step up
plus he's a boy and a family we love!
Surely he was looking 
for ME in the stands;)
My catcher...while Cade C. batted!
There are three little sisters
on the team...
...and they were 
playing in the dirt just like I used to do! ;)
How about these two cuties?  
I just can't resist looking back....
My favorite baseball babes.....
The Hooks actually had a good first,
competitive game but we came up short.
Walker had another beautiful hit
 way out in the outfield...but 
Matthew H caught it!  ha!
Great hit, Great catch.  
Best of all though, 
he did an amazing job at catcher.
That position is huge and 
involves A LOT.  
I had never been so proud of my boy.
He stepped up and was a leader
on the field calling plays
and assembling his team.
I was just so proud!
He had never caught before 
until the Wednesday before his 
first game on Saturday.
In the days between he watched 
videos about catching
and he was so excited to try
out this new position.  
To my amazement, he absolutely
LOVED it.  With his size and build,
he's not the typical catcher by any means.
One coach came by him and said,
that's the longest set of legs I've
ever seen on a catcher!  ha ha!
Walker told me after the game that
 he loved it because he was never
bored.  DUH!!!!!!!!!!
Neither was I watching him!!!
Actually after the first couple of 
innings, I began to forget that
was even my boy behind the plate!
PRouD is all I can say.  
I'm proud of all three of my 
little Hooks every single day.  
Baseball Buds! 
Jonathon and Jonah had come 
to cheer for Walker!!!
Reid, Cort, Jonah, Jonathan, Peyton, Walker
We all celebrated after the game!
Go Hooks!!!

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Kate L. said...

Have him watch tall catchers like Matt Wieters and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. And keep an eye on his knees. Glad he's having fun with it!