Monday, May 11, 2015

Ball Park Days & Nights

This is basically what many of
our nights look like............
And apparently what goes
on with the little girls at the ball park
when they have my phone with them;)
While that is going on with the girlies,
I'm usually watching THiS:
Walker catching while his buddy,
Ryan #9 is hitting:)
Other games just involve ring pops:)
Hadlee took these stalker pictures
of Hudson just to aggravate him...
But this boy is RiGHT at home 
at the ball park.  He loves it and 
stays totally occupied while there! 
Again, sister totally aggravating her 
little bro by taking his picture.
AND that would be ME in the 
background under my blue Midway blanket:)
It's funny to think the last two years 
Hudson wore his Spiderman shirt
either under his other shirt
or alone to every single game!  
As much as I hated that toddler pj 
top that he was obsessed with,
now I miss it :(
I bet I'll miss these days and nights
at the ball park, too. 

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