Monday, May 4, 2015

A New T-Ball Season!

"Home Run Hudson" ready for T-Ball 
to start back up again!!!!!!!!!!!
I could just eat him up!!!
He's the cutest, most excited
little guy in the world:)
With his new Mako bat...
...ready for his first practice
of his second year of T-Ball!
My baby boy growing up too fast :(
Walker was off to his own
baseball practice and sister
had gymnastics...
It's the best, busiest life ever.  
Doing his "alligator" to stop ground balls;)
Huds got right to work at practice!  
He's the tallest, biggest one on the team.
And he's serious about baseball!  ;)
He has that same cute coach from last year;)
He loves it!!!
Hadlee took these before
we left for gymnastics;)
I loved watching my boy
out there having so much fun!

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