Thursday, May 7, 2015

March Madness

My blond blue eyed baby boy
absolutely melts my ever lovin' heart.
This was "rest time" on a Saturday afternoon 
with mommy.  He was watching Aggie football
videos and Dude Perfect trick shots on his iPad.  
My little game players!  
They are a MeSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson was really trying to 
figure this one out!;)
He's so stinkin' cute.  
One morning when Hudson asked to 
hold Bax, Mrs. Janice looked over
and realized they were both sleeping!
How sweet is that?
Cutest bunch of nappers ever...
Sweet boys....
Lunch at school AND the book fair
with my two favorite third grade girls!
Amanda had joined me so 
we just had to take a pic of our favorite
couple!  CBall is the MAN!!!
Look at him with his arm around my girl;)
He tried again but Haddie Cakes
was onto his moves this time;)
I never know what my kids are going 
to be up to in my classroom!
One day I walked into this...
they said they were looking 'up'
some words!!!!!!!!!!!
Spring Open House...
we are so thankful for the wonderful
Ms. Penson this year!
She has made third grade perfect for my girl!
We even talked Walker into going that
night (Troy was out of town).
All of the teachers and principals
love seeing Walker back at South Bosque!
My kids took these pics of me
driving.  Why?  I don't know.  
Just to aggravate Mom!!!
It certainly captures what I do though...
DRiVE them ARouND!!!!!!!!
And try to control them in the back seat!  ha!
Twelve Handsome Years Old.
Recently my big love has been
making clothing and hair requests...
such as wearing his khaki pants,
wanting socks in colors other 
than black, styling his hair 
exactly how HE wants it, etc.
He's just too grown up and cute for words.
I am so proud of him.  
My mother sent me this from one 
of the Baylor games.  She loves
Rico and has wanted her picture with him
all year long.  I love my parents'
love for Baylor Basketball:)
This was a Friday afternoon before
Walker was being picked up for an
all night KLife event.  We never 
want him to go!!!!!!!!
After I took the above pic,
I realized Hadlee had her CRUTCHES;)
Friday night without the big boys
meant meeting the Carrs out for dinner!
We love our Littles:)
I was in charge of picking up 
a group of boys at midnight from
the KLife event.  One of them 
came out with this huge Sponge Bob.
I cracked up on our drive home when 
I saw they had put him in Hudson's seat! ;)
Cinderella with Haile and her mom!!!
I love our silly, precious girls!
"Have courage and be kind."...
what a wonderful message in this movie.  
Strong Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Church with these three dressed alike:)
My Handsome Boys:)
Cute as everything!
Sister is a cutie pie, too!  
AND she loves to love on Brother...
whether he wants it or not!  ;)
Cade had a paint ball birthday party,
but look who ALSO got invited...
Big kid at heart;)
They were PUMPED UP!
Walker is almost as tall as TROY!!!!!!
They had a BLAST at the party!!!
Amanda and I were a little bit out
of our element out there;)
Happy Birthday, CCC!!!
Quite the Dad/Son Duos!!!
I swear every where I turn
and look there is a BALL in my 
house and now there's a goal!!!
Hudson is ALL about the trick shots!!!
Amanda sent me these pics one day
when she was at the school
helping her dad with the garden.  
"Big Dad" whom we love and adore
was the garden parent this year.
What a wonderful grandpa!!!
Cannon and Hadlee's ended up 
together...must be a sign;)
One of our mottos this year............ ;)
I just giggle when I see some
of Walker's Instagram posts!!!
Love watching my girl:)
Hadlee is doing so well in dance!
Mrs. Emily just asked her to join
One of my sweet students who
moved:( I miss Danyel.
Hudson absolutely adores Bax.
How sweet is this?  
I try to be cool like him.  
I just can't quite get that half smile/smirk
that is so popular down ;)
A boy and his milk.  
The ONLY thing he says he loves
more than milk is his MAMA!!!!!!;)
One afternoon we met up with 
Grandmother at the school park
where she walks:)
Sweet Girl making signs for the HOOKS!
One Sunday, the kids were tired
and Huddy was feeling sickly so I 
went to church by myself...
but my sweet Haley sat with me.  
I love her so much.  
Hudson was VERY VERY specific
in what he wanted to wear
for Easter ~ even showed me a picture...
a chambray button down
and a tie.  We went Easter shopping
and hooked that boy right up
(after we found Hadlee's dress ~
gotta have a color scheme!).  
My H's:)
Adorbs. Adorbs. Adorbs.  
Grandmother joined us for our
Easter shopping.  It was so windy!
Daddy's Aggie Girl:)
Cutest little girl Aggie EVER!
We are all about the base...
these days.  BaseBALL.  
AND flips!!!!!!!!!!
Another favorite Instagram post
from Miss M at South Bosque!
My team and I call this 
"Cold Face" based on my face
when it's cold outside;)
Well, we all had "cold face"
when we had a fire drill on a 
COLD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson's MineCraft......

When he's not doing trick shots or
practicing ball or playing football team,
then he's journaling;)
I love how well-rounded my boy is!
"The End"!!!

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