Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I never quite know exactly 
what my day will hold...
thankfully, it's usually mostly pretty 
good stuff like THiS......
With a random breakfast trip 
here and there to Leal's ...

With my favorite teachers in
the world !!!!!!!!!!!!

Some days are crazy .... like chasing
down my friend's dog and putting
her into my car to take her home.
(Thank Goodness Hadlee wasn't with us...
she is petrified of DoGS:(
EVEN Layla ~ the Carr's sweet dog!)

 Occasionally there's a little pre-teen
'tude thrown in our days for good measure...
but it's few and far between and
Mama can dish it right back;)
so most of the time it ends in laughter!
Since we go and go and go
until we just can't go anymore,
some days end up like ThIS.....
know that I can count on lots and lots
of hugs from each person in my
little family of five!  

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